Nov 282016

International meeting on social inclusion hosted by CVS-Bulgaria

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Social Inclusion work continues to be a focus of the Youth and Unemployment Working Group this autumn in Bulgaria, where 14 experienced coordinators and activists from SCI Italy, SCI Catalunya, CVS – Bulgaria, VCV, CID, SCI Hellas, SVIT – Ukraine, Zavod Voluntariat – SCI Slovenia and Utilapu Halozat gathered to evaluate the social inclusion season 2016 and plan their work together during the whole year of 2017.

Three  youth exchanges in France, Bulgaria and Catalunya happened during the summer of 2016 with the participation of youngsters, experiencing different challenges in their lives. The mutual cooperation of the partners was a focus point of the meeting in terms of evaluation of activities, forming good practices, update and improve tools and create new opportunities for social inclusion work.

As a result of the meeting an info material pack with best practices and tips for social inclusion projects was developed, open to everyone willing to work in this field.

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