At this year’s CVS General Assembly in May there was a decision taken all of the members to meet more often. Therefore we kindly invite you to the Cooperation for Voluntary Service CVS – Bulgaria General Assembly, which will be held on November 25th at 10:00 in our office (Sofia, 30 Gurgulyat Str., fl. 1 –

All full and associated members are invited to take part in the Assembly. Note that the associated members have the right of only advisatory vote. The aim of the GA is to have the members discussing the plan of action for 2013 and the strategic development of the organziation.

The GA will have the following agenda:
  1. Plan of action for 2013
  2. Questions and issues for ICM 2013 (SCI International Comitee Meeting)
  3. CVS strategic development 2013-2017
  4. Development of
  5. Removal of the associated membership
  6. Recruiting of new members through privilliges
  7. Change of the CVS – Bulgaria name to SCI Bulgaria
  8. Update on the working groups set up during the GA in May
  9. Editorial changes to the CVS Statute
  10. Others

Members who want to suggest a topic to the agenda, should do that via email ( with cc to or at the venue.

Everyone who has been an associated member for period longer than year and a half can apply to become full member and thus having a decisive vote in GA. The candidates should send short cover letter to (with cc to no later than 18.11.2012. It’s crucial to attend the GA to present your application personally.

The documents for the GA will be at disposal to all of the members in the CVS office no later than a week before the GA.

We wish you a great week and see you soon!

The Steering Board of CVS – Bulgaria


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