Спешно се търсят 4-ма участници от България за обучение в Чехия от 26 юни до 5 юли. Ако имате въпроси, се свържете директно с организаторите от Чехия – e.johnova@seznam.cz или във фейсбук – https://www.facebook.com/groups/140975999425526/?fref=ts. По-надолу може да видите описанието на обучението, а програмата да свалите оттук.

Beyond the comfort zone TC

Beyond the comfort zone training course is designed for youth workers, trainers, youth leaders and everyone interested in developing competences in leadership based on self-awareness.

It?s coming from that idea, that if you want to lead others you should know about yourself first. The training will help to improve participants leadership skills by assessing what’s on hand and what they need to  acquire.

Is planned in such a manner that the participants will be involved in outdoor adventure program which include leadership methods, team building, identification of team roles, increasing the effectiveness of communication inside the team and mutually between teams and active relaxation in a non – traditional form – modern stress management techniques.

During the training will participants take a look at the knowledge, beliefs, and feelings they already have, and understand how they are affecting their life; after that training participants will be more aware about themselves – how they are dealing in critical situations, how they are solving problems, their strengths and weaknesses, their position in a team.

Basic info:

Tittle of the project: Beyond the Comfort Zone TC

Action: 4.3. Training course

Dates: 26th June– 5th July 2013

Place: Rychleby mountains, Javorn?k (county Jesen?k), Czech republic

Number of participants: 4 per country (no limited age)

Eligible Country: EU, EFTA, Switzerland

Recruitment of participants: Youth workers, youth leaders and participants that are actively involved in their organization (possibly decision makers)

Methods used: Outdoor activities, nature

Activities: Building and living in Mongolian jurta, sessions with horses, indian sweet lodge, challenging trip to the nature. That all with the aim to get inside own leadership skills.

Outcomes: Personal awareness and growth

Costs: According to Youth Programme http://ec.europa.eu/youth/youth-in-actionprogramme/overview_en.htm: 100% of the accommodation and food, and 70% of the travel expenses of all projects are covered by the project.

Fee: € 20 per person

Visibility: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/140975999425526/
Organizer: Ob?ansk? sdru?en? Point – podpora a soci?ln? integrace Jugosl?vsk? 9, 787 01 ?umperk, Czech republic

Eva Johnov?, Executive director
E-mail: e.johnova@seznam.cz
Mob.: +420 775 326 026
Web: www.pointos.eu
Fcb: http://www.facebook.com/ObcanskeSdruzeniPointPodporaASocialniIntegrace?ref=ts&fref=ts

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