The Slovene Branch of SCI (Service Civil International) Zavod Voluntariat is looking for 2 EVS volunteers. The volunteer will be involved in the activities carried out by Zavod Voluntariat. During the summer months he/she will be participating on international work-camps and will help organizing and conducting youth exchanges and other similar projects. During the winter months he/she will help organizing promotional activities, help with the workshops and trainings for volunteers and with the  social activities for our Club of volunteers (which organizes different social events, workshops and exhibitions, films different promotional and documentary videos etc).

If the project is approved, it will start on 1st of January of 2013 and will last for 12 months. The organization is looking for a reliable, communicative and a very motivated volunteer, who wants to gain new knowledge that he/she could later on apply in future professional and personal activities and situations. It’s very important that the volunteer is used to working in a team, that he/she is sociable, has a sense of humour and is flexible in different situations (e.g.: to propose/invent some additional activities in a time when there won’t be any other specific activities on the agenda and prepared to give an extra hand in a period full of current activities.).

Volunteers who have experience, or would like to learn more about web design, graphic design, newspaper editing and video production (filming, editing) are especially welcome!


Interested volunteers should  send the following documents:

  • Application form
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
The filled in documents send to our Longterm Volunteering coordinator Natalie Zhivkova at e-mail longterm@cvs-bg.org. If you have any questions concerning the project or EVS activities, feel free to address them to her as well.

Here you can download the detailed project description and the application form.

Project description_EVS_Zavod_Voluntariat

Application form_EVS_Zavod_Voluntariat

The deadline is August 31st, so don’t hesitate and apply now!

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Few months ago ended Judit Vas’ one-year’ volunteer project in CVS Bulgaria. Here, here and here you can read more about what Judit did during here EVS service (European Voluntary Service). She has already gone home in Hungary, but to all the future EVS volunteers in Bulgaria she left a so called guidebook with information on EVS projects, Bulgaria and her own experiences. Moreover, Judit liked Bulgaria so much that she came back! We wish to thank her one more time and to wish her luck in her future projects.

In the attached file you can read the guidebook.


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CVS Bulgaria is looking for participants for a volunteer workcamp in September. The camp is a cultural experiment and the goal is to put contemporary people in the surrounding the Thracians lived centuries ago. This includes getting to know their cuisine, traditions, martial arts and habits of the ancient culture. During the work camp the Bulgarian National Television will shoot a documentary about the adventure.

The dates are 13-27 September. Details about accommodation, food, conditions, work and study topics in the “Rhezos” work camp you can find in the following link.

Please note that in SCI volunteer workcamps we try to keep the gender balance. Until now there are more female volunteers that applied for the workcamp, so we are specially appealing to the male volunteers to apply for this adventurous workcmap.

So already looking forward to spend 2 weeks in beautiful surroundings reproducing the life of an ancient civilization? If so, contact immediately our placement officer Sofiya at placement@cvs-bg.org. If you are not familiar with the idea behind workcamps feel free to explore our page about it.
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International Secretariat Office bell in Antwerp.
For SCI ring 3 times…


Service Civil International (SCI), a dynamic, international volunteer organisation dedicated to promoting peace and intercultural understanding through international volunteer projects all over the world, is currently looking for an International Secretary to strengthen its office team at the International Secretariat in Antwerp, Belgium.

The main tasks of the International Secretary are: managing the office and staff, administration, supporting branches and international working groups, external representation, fundraising and networking, propose and execute new projects, and take initiatives for the accomplishment of the Strategic Plan of SCI.

The organisation is looking for someone with strong leadership and communication skills, intercultural experience, vision, creativity, proven staff management skills, entrepreneurial attitude, and experience on international civil and voluntary service organisations.

Here you can find more detailed information about this call for International Secretary as well as about the application procedure.



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The updated vacacies list for long term volunteering positions in SCI is out there. Inside you can find volunteer projects in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Mediterrenian region. The positions are divided into European Voluntary Service projects (EVS) and Long-term volunteer position in SCI. Note that there is a difference between the two types of projects in terms of financing.

So, have a look, read carefully and pick what’s the thing that you would do voluntarily for a longer period. Once ready with that, contact our long-term volunteering coordinator Natalia Zhivkova. You can ask her all of your question at longterm@cvs-bg.org.

And attached are the actual vacancy list and the application form!

Long Term Volunteering – Vacancies List July 2012

Application Form LTV 2011-12

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Partners and SCI branches from Kosovo, Serbia and Germany are organizing an exciting follow up of a 2011 youth exchange called Art in Action. The participants should use creative tools and activities to prepare and implent a raising awareness campaign on human rights in the area of Plemetina, Kosovo. The project is open for participants from Serbia, Kosovo and Germany and all other countries. The dates are September 16-26th.

In the attached files you can find more info about the project and to fill in the form. Interested people from Bulgaria should send it to the organizers’ e-mail address gaia.kosovo@gmail.com no later than August 1st.

Call for participants_GAIA_Art in Action_2_2012

Application form_Art in Action_2_2012

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On Wednesday (May, 2nd) we organized a surprise goodbye party for our EVS volunteer Judit Vas. No matter how strange it feels, one year has already past since the beginning of Judit’s project on promoting voluntarism in Bulgaria. She was a very important part of the team and she will be missed a lot, but there is no place for sad feelings. From now on we will work on future mutual activities weather here or in Hungary or sowhere around the wrold!

Here you can read what Judit has to say for her last few months spent in Bulgaria working on her project.

The last part of my EVS

I think one reason to do EVS is the opportunity to try so many different things. In the past few months I had a chance to participatе in the Sofia International Film Festival as a volunteer. It’s a very good feeling to see something from inside. We can’t imagine how many people work in a project just to make everything perferct for us. I was a member of the group of 50 volunteers. In the morning time we took the newspapers to the cinemas, restaurants; and in the afternoon and in the evening we were waiting for the guests in the entrance of a cinema. Here I could use my very small (almost nothing) Bulgarian knowledge, but I noticed that almost everybody speeks in English in Sofia. In that time I saw so many movies, which was great. Sometimes I didn’t understand the director and the movie, but March was a very good month with new people, lots of movies and new friends.

This film festival was a two in one project where I met with new EVS volunteers who just came to Sofia; and sometimes I asked the people to talk in English because I didn’t understand everything in Bulgarian. Than they asked me why do I speak in English. I expained so many times that I am an EVS volunteer from Hungary, and I was talking with them about volunteerizm.

In the same time I continued the work with the orphan kids every weekend. They are amazing. If you just look in to them eyes you will see the love and the sadness in the same time. I don’t know how can people leave them. If I could, I would adopt all of them. With this kids we are cooking, playing, we have some art workshops and if the weather is nice we go out to a park and play with them there.
Few weeks ago I took some kids to a theater performance about the Bulgarian winter and spring. They enjoyed it so much, they were smiling, laughing, and I was so happy in that time, because I took part in this miracle to see so many shiney eyes. I love this kids, I hope they will have a nice life.

In April we had a youth picnic in Zapaden Park. For me this park is one of the most beautiful place of Sofia where young people can meet, where families can spend a whole day, where children can play. It’s out of the busy city center, far from the voice of the cars. We crossed the forest and spend some time there but unfortunately the weather was against us.
In the end of April we organized a Hungarian cultural and youth evening together with the Hungarian Institute. First we started with Hungarian dance lesson, than we continued with Hungarian folk tales. Later there was a presentation about CVS and the workcamps. We finished with some team games and good Hungarian wine.

And now I am a little bit sad, because I have to say that it is the end of my EVS. This one year went away, it was the best year of my life with friends, with adventures in my favorite country Bulgaria. I have only one and a half day here, and now I don’t want to go back to Hungary at all. I will miss everybody and everything from here. It was the best decision in my life to go to EVS, and now it’s the hardest thing to say goodbye to my friends, to my second home. I should be very happy now, because I was one of the lucky people who participated in EVS, and I am very happy because of it; but in the other hand it’s hard to leave Sofia. Thanks CVS-Bulgaria, girls, Youth in Action! Thanks for all! I will never forget this year in Sofia, a half of my heart will stay here. And I’ll be back soon!


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Our two cheerful interns Zhala and Mani chose few workcamp suggestion especially for you. What, where, when you can find out in the attached file.

How to apply for a volunteer workcamp? Probably you are already familiar with the procedure – browse through the suggestions, choose, fill in the form and send to placement@cvs-bg.org. In case it’s the first time you hear about a volunteer workcamp, you can learn more from the following link.

In case in the weekly suggestions you can’t find your workcamp, DON’T PANIC! There are hundreds more in the Service Civil International Workcamps Database. Here you have the opportunity to tailor your search for countires, dates, topics and so on.

And now read carefully the conditions to participate in a workcamp and fill in your application form. In case there are more questions, feel free to use the above mentioned e-mail. Our charming placement officer Sofiq will help you!

So, browse, dream and apply! 🙂


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The CVS team is happy to present you our new trainee programme for promoting volunteering and more specifically workcamp promotion.

The internship will last for 3 months, from march till may for about 8 hours a week. The lucky volunteer who will be our new Workcamp Promotion

Campaign Coordinator will be working under the supervision and with the support of the charming Vera and Sofia (guys, apply now!)

We offer:

  • training
  • experience in the non-profit sector
  • personal and career experience in the field of public relations and communications
  • young and enthusiastic work environment
  • personal satisfaction and feeling that you are part of something useful and interesting
  • participation in a workcamp free of charge
  • certificate

In the file below you can find more information about the position, the requirements and its charming advantages (only Bulgarian).

You think you are the person for that internship? Send us your CV and short motivation letter. We kindly ask you to put the following as your email subject: Workcamp Promotion Campaign Coordinator _Your_Name_Surname.

The address is office@cvs-bg.org, and the deadline is Monday, March 5th.

Workcamp Promotion Campaign Coordinator – in Bulgarian only.


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SCI Spain is looking for volunteers for 2 long-term projects. There is no deadline for applying, so sooner you apply, the better. Note that there is an administrative fee paid to CVS Bulgaria in case you are accepted. The amount is 150 BGN.

The first project will be held in BASIDA – an NGO that BASIDA that provides medical and psychosocial support to HIV-positives, drugs addicted people and others with special needs. The duration of the volunteer service is 3 months and is part of the SCI long-term projects. The volunteer is xpected to have basic knowledge of Spanish, to be interested in the topic and to be responsible towards their duties. Food and accommodation are covered and the volunteers organize by themselves their travel and pocket money. There are no fees. More about the project, the wrok and the conditions you can find here. In the short video you can find out more about BASIDA and what is to be a volunteer there (it starts around 2:40 min).

The second project is in Kenya, but it is coordinated by SCI Spain. The volunteer will work with children and will organize educational and free time activities for them. The duration is 3 months and there is a fee – 230 euro per month. The fee covers the accommodation, food and transport. More info here.

If you find these services inspiring and want to apply, contact our EVS and LTV coordinator Natalie Jivkova at longterm@cvs-bg.org. If you have any additional questions, conact her again.


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