Do we know the people who live in Bulgaria? What do you know about the different cultures and nationalities around you? Do we know which is the Armenian Christmas, what do people cook for Bango Vasil and how is the Mimuna celebrated…?


We are inviting you to become part of our project ‘Bread makers without borders’ (B(re)aking Bread and Borders) and to get involved together with young people from different ethnicity in Bulgaria, to get to know them, to hear their point of view, to share your point of view. From February till September you can participate in 3 meeting in the Sofia Bread House – we will make bread, will create music and will play the board game ‘Bread makers without borders’.

5 mixed groups will be organized: Arab-Bulgarian, Armeno-Bulgarian, Jewish-Bulgarian, Roma-Bulgarian, Turkish-Bulgarian. In which one of the groups 20 people will take part – 10 youngsters from the different community each.

In order to get involved, you have to be between 16 and 26 years old and to be able to participate in all 3 meeting, as well as in the Open Doors Day (21st October 2018), when we will gather all, we will share photos, songs, experience and bread!

Register by writing to, 0885 039 071 or, 0898 875 054.

Sofia Bread House is located on Ekzarh Yosif 103 str. (behind the Sofia Mathematics High School).
Facebook: Хлебна къща София – Sofia Bread House

Schedule of the planned meeting for each of the groups:

Arab-Bulgarian group

Armeno-Bulgarian group

15 February 18:30-20:30 15 March 18:30-20:30
15 April 11:00-13:00 13 May 11:00-13:00
7 June 18:30-20:30 20 September 18:30-20:30

Jewish-Bulgarian group

Roma-Bulgarian group

22 February 18:30-20:30 29 March 18:30-20:30
26 April 18:30-20:30 17 May 18:30-20:30
17 June 11:00-13:00 7 October 11:00-13:00

Turkish-Bulgarian group

 Open Doors Day: 21 October


22 March 18:30-20:30
10 May 18:30-20:30
30 September 11:00-13:00

We are waiting for you 🙂

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