Caritas Sofia is a partner organization of CVS Bulgaria in the field of working with refugees and migrants. Our close partnership has started a year ago and so far we have been working successfully together on The Refugee Project at the Integrational center for refugees in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are happy to present the great EVS opportunity Caritas Sofia has and encourage you to apply and spend a remarkable year in Bulgaria!!!

Contact person: Neda Velkova, Volunteer Coordinator

Organisation: Caritas Sofia

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Deadline for applying: 01/09/2012

Duration: 12 months (Feb 2013 – Feb 2014)


Project Site:

Caritas Sofia is looking for two long-term EVS volunteers for its daycare center for mothers in disadvantaged situation “Rojdestvo Hristovo”. The volunteer is supposed to start their service at the beginning of February or March 2013 and stay for a year.

The center was established some 12 years ago in order to financially and morally support women at risk. The priority group are women who raise their children on their own and the assistance provided to them is aimed at preventing the abandonment of their children in institutions. Besides them, there are mothers who have many childred, adoptive mothers, mothers lacking support because of domestic violence, mothers with sick children, mothers with mental and physical disabilities and girls who have grown up in orphanages.

The goal of the center is to empower women to cope on their own. It offers personalized social programs that deal with the specific problems of each individual. There are craft workshops where the women can work according to their interests. The workshops function as both work therapy and a source of some, albeit modest, additional income. The center also assists women in finding employment. It supports young women from institutions to transition into leading an independent life by providing temporary accommodation and work. The center works closely with the regional state administration, employment bureaus, and social services institutions.

Throughout the years the center has helped more than 300 mothers in need. More than 60 of them achieved and maintain a stable material and social status, 6 of them were hired as full-time employees at the center itself.

The center has 3 workshops – a ceramic, a textile, and a felt one, where the staff and the mothers work daily and make different dolls, ornaments, pottery, etc. to be sold at charity bazaars and for export. Here is a link to the website of the center: .


The volunteers will work closely with the staff and the other volunteers at the center. The staff is open to new suggestions and activities if the volunteers want to organize such.

A list of activities volunteers can do:

  • work in the workshops
  • spend time with the mothers at the center – keep them company, encourage and motivate them in their efforts and pursuits
  • up-keep (cleaning, cooking, gardening, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.
  • interview new mothers coming to the center
  • meet and visit beneficiaries at their homes if necessary
  • work with children who sometimes come to the center
  • organize an activity of their own with the mothers
  • maintenance of the web page of the center

Volunteer profile and recruitment process:

The staff at the center is very dedicated, friendly and hard-working. They care very very much about their little community and they want to host a volunteer who is responsible, punctual, and has the need to help people in vulnerable situations. The center has hosted a number of volunteers so far and they are looking for someone motivated and caring in order to create a positive, satisfactory, and mutually-beneficial relationship. The volunteer needs to know English at an intermediate level in order to be able to communicate with the staff at the center. Previous voluntary experience and curiosity towards new places and cultures are a plus.

Interested volunteers must send a CV, a motivation letter, and any questions they have to Neda Velkova: The deadline for applying is 1st Sept. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a Skype interview by the 10th Sept.

Additional information:

The volunteers will be enrolled in a Bulgarian language course

The plan is for the volunteers to share an apartment.

At least one meal a day is provided at the center (lunch).

The daycare center is not far from the Sofia city center by tram and the volunteers will get monthly passes for the public transport.

The volunteers will be able to socialize with Caritas volunteers who work on various other projects.


Website of the organization:








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If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you want to be useful, to volunteer and you don’t know what to do the next year, read this information for an approved EVS project which is looking just for its volunteer. May be that’s you…

Here is some short info on the project:

Activities dates: 5/09/2012 – 4/09/2013

Duration: 12 months duration (t culd start a bit later)

Place of activities: Tours, France – Compagnons Batisseurs Bretagne Etablissement Centre

Website of the organization:

HEI ref number: 2010-FR-186


Role and tasks of the volunteer:
The activity support of the project is around housing and precarious living conditions of numerous families in rural or urban areas. The main activity is the family building sites, that is to say making works with the families: preparation and realisation of the work together, meals taken in common and activities with children when possible.

In Marseille most of the works are focused on painting, laying wallpaper, electrical repairs small plumbing repairs, internal arrangements: installation of shelving… If the technical support is fundamental, it is only the support to an educational approach, in mobilizing the families. This help is hardly quantifiable, and is different from a person to another. Most of the families are composed by lonely women with children, marginalized couples with or without children.Volunteers are responsible for technical realisation, work and life organization on the site with the support of a technical animator.

Volunteers could also be in charge of the co-animation of international workcamp. It is an important moment of the voluntary service during which they have to co-manage the workcamp and a group of young people technically and educationally (preparation of the meals, dusting, getting food, logistics…). The volunteers can also co-organize some short workcamps during week ends. They are a pretext to support associative life of the regional association putting together active members, partners, volunteers, families…).

The volunteers have the possibility to get involved in the national or regional life of the association in participating in meetings or in the Executive Committee which corresponds to their inspirations and to their demand to develop a real and active European citizenship. The EVS coordinator, the EC and the whole association are concerned by accompanying all the volunteers in their discovery of the association and its functioning.

If you are interested contact Natalia at as soon as possible!

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The Slovene Branch of SCI (Service Civil International) Zavod Voluntariat is looking for 2 EVS volunteers. The volunteer will be involved in the activities carried out by Zavod Voluntariat. During the summer months he/she will be participating on international work-camps and will help organizing and conducting youth exchanges and other similar projects. During the winter months he/she will help organizing promotional activities, help with the workshops and trainings for volunteers and with the  social activities for our Club of volunteers (which organizes different social events, workshops and exhibitions, films different promotional and documentary videos etc).

If the project is approved, it will start on 1st of January of 2013 and will last for 12 months. The organization is looking for a reliable, communicative and a very motivated volunteer, who wants to gain new knowledge that he/she could later on apply in future professional and personal activities and situations. It’s very important that the volunteer is used to working in a team, that he/she is sociable, has a sense of humour and is flexible in different situations (e.g.: to propose/invent some additional activities in a time when there won’t be any other specific activities on the agenda and prepared to give an extra hand in a period full of current activities.).

Volunteers who have experience, or would like to learn more about web design, graphic design, newspaper editing and video production (filming, editing) are especially welcome!


Interested volunteers should  send the following documents:

  • Application form
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
The filled in documents send to our Longterm Volunteering coordinator Natalie Zhivkova at e-mail If you have any questions concerning the project or EVS activities, feel free to address them to her as well.

Here you can download the detailed project description and the application form.

Project description_EVS_Zavod_Voluntariat

Application form_EVS_Zavod_Voluntariat

The deadline is August 31st, so don’t hesitate and apply now!

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Few months ago ended Judit Vas’ one-year’ volunteer project in CVS Bulgaria. Here, here and here you can read more about what Judit did during here EVS service (European Voluntary Service). She has already gone home in Hungary, but to all the future EVS volunteers in Bulgaria she left a so called guidebook with information on EVS projects, Bulgaria and her own experiences. Moreover, Judit liked Bulgaria so much that she came back! We wish to thank her one more time and to wish her luck in her future projects.

In the attached file you can read the guidebook.


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International Secretariat Office bell in Antwerp.
For SCI ring 3 times…


Service Civil International (SCI), a dynamic, international volunteer organisation dedicated to promoting peace and intercultural understanding through international volunteer projects all over the world, is currently looking for an International Secretary to strengthen its office team at the International Secretariat in Antwerp, Belgium.

The main tasks of the International Secretary are: managing the office and staff, administration, supporting branches and international working groups, external representation, fundraising and networking, propose and execute new projects, and take initiatives for the accomplishment of the Strategic Plan of SCI.

The organisation is looking for someone with strong leadership and communication skills, intercultural experience, vision, creativity, proven staff management skills, entrepreneurial attitude, and experience on international civil and voluntary service organisations.

Here you can find more detailed information about this call for International Secretary as well as about the application procedure.



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The updated vacacies list for long term volunteering positions in SCI is out there. Inside you can find volunteer projects in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Mediterrenian region. The positions are divided into European Voluntary Service projects (EVS) and Long-term volunteer position in SCI. Note that there is a difference between the two types of projects in terms of financing.

So, have a look, read carefully and pick what’s the thing that you would do voluntarily for a longer period. Once ready with that, contact our long-term volunteering coordinator Natalia Zhivkova. You can ask her all of your question at

And attached are the actual vacancy list and the application form!

Long Term Volunteering – Vacancies List July 2012

Application Form LTV 2011-12

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Country: Croatia
Start Date:05/08/2012
End Date: 19/08/2012

Number of volunteers: 14 (age:18+)

For volunteers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia.

Velebit Association Kuterevo was founded in 1995 and since then it works for preservation of natural and cultural heritage. In 2002 the Bear Refuge was founded and today the village hosts more than 20 000 visitors and 200 volunteers. Besides the Bear Refuge, the Volunteers Station was founded as a place for cultural exchange and sustainable living education. The first No More War workcamp with participants only from ex-Yu countries was organized in 2011. No More War camps have intensive study part on peace related topics, in particular non-violent communication.

Type of Work: The volunteers will be working on various tasks related to the bears in the refugee, wildlife in the forest and volunteers’ camp. They will be making bird houses, bug hotels, collecting food for the bears, collecting herbs, helping in habitat revitalization project and experimenting with shelters in the nature.
Study Theme: The study part will be intensive and every day. It will cover topics about nature conservation, sustainable living and climate change. Also we will raise dialogue about identity in the region of former Yugoslavian countries (with participation of all the volunteers who will join the work-camp.), with the special focus on non-violent communication.This work-camp is part of NO-MORE-WAR campaign (

We will in particular emphasize the importance of environmentally friendly living, which will be fully implemented during the camp.
Accommodation for this workcamp is in line with the nature friendly philosophy: basic and eco-friendly accommodation in the volunteer camp in the forest 3 km far from the village. Sleeping in tents, sleeping bags and carry-mats are necessary. Showers will be provided, composting toilets, while cooking will be organized on fire (stove or open fire). Volunteers will be cooking for themselves. Food will be vegetarian.
Language: all Balkan languages and English

Location: The village of Kuterevo is located in the region Lika in the mountain of Velebit. It lies 15km from the town of Oto?ac. It borders the Velebit Nature Park and is in the vicinity to the Northern Velebit National Park. The camp (Hajdu?ka ku?a) is situated 3km from the village, in the forest, with no electricity and other luxuries

Requirements: Motivation letter. Please write few sentences about: – why you want to be a part of this workcamp? – what can you as individual do to contribute to this workcamp? – what are your expectations? Please include answer to all three questions while writing your motivation letter.

Volunteers’ Blog:

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Country: Bulgaria
Code: BG-CVS 1.1
Start Date: 2012-07-22
End Date: 2012-08-05
Topic: Antiracism, Antifascism, Refugees and Ethnic Minorities
Number of volunteers: 8
International age: 18 – 99
National age: 16 – 99
Extra Costs: 0.00 Euro

Description: The Integration Centre for Refugees is a territorial unit of the State Agency for Refugees with the Council of Ministers and supports the integration of refugees in the Republic of Bulgaria. The Summer Academy is a part of the “Refugee project”- a joint initiative of CVS – Bulgaria, Karitas Sofia and IRC. There are 40 local volunteers who support the integration of youth refugees through daily educational activities in the centre. The aim of the Summer Academy workcamp is to encourage intercultural meeting between the international and local volunteers and the residents of the centre

Type of Work: The volunteers will discuss together the topics of anti racism and tolerance in their societies and share experiences. The overall aim is to spice up the summer of the youth refugees and to create a space for their personal development. The volunteers will organize and lead different workshops for the residents (children and youth): sport, handicraft, cooking, visits, etc. Each volunteer will be encouraged to share their experience and special skills with the refugees.

Study Theme: Discovery of the asylum application procedures in Bulgaria, meeting the residents and workers in the centre, exploring Sofia and the district.

Accommodation: Hostel type

Language: English (knowledge of Arabic, Farsi оr Dari is welcome)

Requirements: Proved clean police record required upon arrival;

Volunteers with an experience with kids/youth and/or working with refugees are welcome to take part in the workcamp. Don’t worry if you are not experienced, we expect to have creative volunteers with an open minded approach and big heart.

Approximate Location: Sofia

Notes: Not accessible for wheelchairs


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To help, to create, to change! Be a volunteer with CVS - Bulgaria! It's cool!

Country: Bulgaria
Code: BG-CVS 11.1
Start Date: 2012-06-30
End Date: 2012-07-14
Topic: 11: Others
Number of volunteers: 9
International age: 18 – 99
National age: 16 – 99
Extra Costs: 0.00

SAVA WG workcamp


Description: This traveling workcamp is a part of the promotional campaign for volunteering around the country.The project starts with a 5day training course where you will discuss the different aspects of volunteering and learn to set up workshops and other actions in order to promote volunteering among different target groups.Following this, you will be divided in 3 groups based on interest and ability to work together and each group will travel to three different partner organizations in different cities in Bulgaria.The last few days the group will gather again near Sofia to evaluate the experience.

Type of Work: To create and perform training units, workshops, exhibition, presentations, discussions, street actions, etc.

Study Theme: The work camp will focus on the different aspects of volunteering: Peace education activities, anti racism, refugees and ethnic minorities, environment, art, culture, socially disadvantage etc.

Accommodation: Seminar summer villa in the countryside, very simple accommodation during traveling

Language: English

Requirements: Interest in the promotion of volunteering and high motivation, readiness to share experiences from your own country, experience with non-formal education methods, imagination, good English speaking skills and readiness to travel a lot and adapt to new people & situations

Approximate Location: Sofia

Notes: There is an additional application form for this camp. To receive it please contact the placement officer at your sending organization

VM-TWC additional application form

Infoheet BG-CVS 11.1

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On Wednesday (May, 2nd) we organized a surprise goodbye party for our EVS volunteer Judit Vas. No matter how strange it feels, one year has already past since the beginning of Judit’s project on promoting voluntarism in Bulgaria. She was a very important part of the team and she will be missed a lot, but there is no place for sad feelings. From now on we will work on future mutual activities weather here or in Hungary or sowhere around the wrold!

Here you can read what Judit has to say for her last few months spent in Bulgaria working on her project.

The last part of my EVS

I think one reason to do EVS is the opportunity to try so many different things. In the past few months I had a chance to participatе in the Sofia International Film Festival as a volunteer. It’s a very good feeling to see something from inside. We can’t imagine how many people work in a project just to make everything perferct for us. I was a member of the group of 50 volunteers. In the morning time we took the newspapers to the cinemas, restaurants; and in the afternoon and in the evening we were waiting for the guests in the entrance of a cinema. Here I could use my very small (almost nothing) Bulgarian knowledge, but I noticed that almost everybody speeks in English in Sofia. In that time I saw so many movies, which was great. Sometimes I didn’t understand the director and the movie, but March was a very good month with new people, lots of movies and new friends.

This film festival was a two in one project where I met with new EVS volunteers who just came to Sofia; and sometimes I asked the people to talk in English because I didn’t understand everything in Bulgarian. Than they asked me why do I speak in English. I expained so many times that I am an EVS volunteer from Hungary, and I was talking with them about volunteerizm.

In the same time I continued the work with the orphan kids every weekend. They are amazing. If you just look in to them eyes you will see the love and the sadness in the same time. I don’t know how can people leave them. If I could, I would adopt all of them. With this kids we are cooking, playing, we have some art workshops and if the weather is nice we go out to a park and play with them there.
Few weeks ago I took some kids to a theater performance about the Bulgarian winter and spring. They enjoyed it so much, they were smiling, laughing, and I was so happy in that time, because I took part in this miracle to see so many shiney eyes. I love this kids, I hope they will have a nice life.

In April we had a youth picnic in Zapaden Park. For me this park is one of the most beautiful place of Sofia where young people can meet, where families can spend a whole day, where children can play. It’s out of the busy city center, far from the voice of the cars. We crossed the forest and spend some time there but unfortunately the weather was against us.
In the end of April we organized a Hungarian cultural and youth evening together with the Hungarian Institute. First we started with Hungarian dance lesson, than we continued with Hungarian folk tales. Later there was a presentation about CVS and the workcamps. We finished with some team games and good Hungarian wine.

And now I am a little bit sad, because I have to say that it is the end of my EVS. This one year went away, it was the best year of my life with friends, with adventures in my favorite country Bulgaria. I have only one and a half day here, and now I don’t want to go back to Hungary at all. I will miss everybody and everything from here. It was the best decision in my life to go to EVS, and now it’s the hardest thing to say goodbye to my friends, to my second home. I should be very happy now, because I was one of the lucky people who participated in EVS, and I am very happy because of it; but in the other hand it’s hard to leave Sofia. Thanks CVS-Bulgaria, girls, Youth in Action! Thanks for all! I will never forget this year in Sofia, a half of my heart will stay here. And I’ll be back soon!


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