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Camp code: BG-CVS 8.1:
Country: Bulgaria
Start Date: 07 Jul 2013
End Date: 21 Jul 2013
Topic: 8: Socially Disadvantaged
Number of volunteers: 8
International age:18 – 99
National age:16 – 99
Extra Costs:0.00
Optional Language: English

Description: Concordia Foundation is an international NGO. Concordia Bulgaria has been running the social centre “St. Konstantin” in the Bulgarian capital Sofia since the fall of 2008. It’s an open counseling centre with group flats for 87 children and young adults in need. We believe that “Whoever saves one life, saves the whole world.” For more information visit our web site:

This work camp is a part of one tradition in our center. Every summer we renovate (re-paint, clean, etc.) our building from the inside while the children are at a summer camp at the seaside.

Type of Work: The aim of the project is not only to improve the facilities, but to educate the youngsters living here to respect labour and to recognize the results from it. While working with them the volunteers are going to show the young people a part of their culture and in the same time what it means to be a volunteer. The first part of the project /first one week/ is for painting, cleaning, etc. The second week the children will come back from the summer camp and the volunteers will be organizing activities for them.

Study Theme: You will learn about working with children and youth from disadvantaged background. We will focus on the following topics: • History of SCI International • Peace education • Intercultural understanding; working in small international teams • Social work with children and youth with fewer opportunities • What is the situation in Bulgaria with social institutions, disadvantaged youth, etc. The trainers will be experts from Concordia with experience in non-formal education. There will be also facilitators from CVS – Bulgaria specialized in topics peace education and intercultural understanding.

Accommodation: During the work camp the group will stay in the building of Social Center “St. Konstantin” of Concordia. It’s a big house on tree floors. There is a yard outside with play ground – basketball court and football field, small climbing wall, etc. The volunteers will be sleeping in shared apartments in the building with private bathrooms. 3 to 5 volunteers will share one room.

Language: English, Bulgarian

Requirements: Upon acception you will be asked to provide an official police check document in order to participate in the work camp. No special skills are required – there will be a team of specialists to help you. However, your creativity and appropriate approach towards children from disadvantaged background is welcome. Some experience in working with youth with fewer opportunities is an advantage.

Approximate Location: Social and daily centre “St. Konstantin”, Sofia, Bulgaria

Notes: Please, keep in mind that St. Konstantin is a social institution and as such there are rules to be followed. You cannot bring any alcohol on the premises. Smoking is allowed only outside of the building. People are allowed to go in the centre no later than 22:00. On free nights and when activities are organized outside of the centre later entering will be possible.

If you want to apply for this workcamp, contact your local SCI Branch. You can check them here>>

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