The past Friday 27th of September CVS-Bulgaria collaborated with the National Agency for Refugees bringing children from the refugee center Ovcha Kupel to Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski to participate in the program Children’s Day One included in the European Scientist Night 2019. The activities aimed to approach science to kids through different activities devised to promote their participation and have fun. 

The representative of the National Agency for Refugees and our ESC volunteer Hugo went to the center to pick up the kids in the afternoon and take them to the university by minibus. Other ESC volunteers were waiting for them to carry them to the class where the activities were going to be done. The first workshop, related to Mathematics, kept the attention of the kids, who were participative answering the questions of the teacher throughout the lesson. 

Afterwards, they played with small robots experimenting remote control of electronic devices. They could also enjoy a snack with the volunteers while start bonding with them through their usual games. 

The evening continued with a lesson, shared with kids from other families and backgrounds, about astronomy. It was a good opportunity to interact with other kids, especially when the teacher started using virtual reality glasses and all children got excited. They could use them to find different stars, planets and constellations. In a different workshop they could also create their own 3D glasses as well as use the microscope. Some of them gave their first glance to the molecular world.

They received their diplomas for participating in the event as well as two booklets and a bracelet. At 6 pm we took them to the center again, sharing a good time and laughs together on the way back home. This was the first activity with refugee kids carried out by our new wave of ESC volunteers and it was an enriching experience for both the kids and our new team. We will soon collaborate again with the National Agency in our pathway towards the promotion of tolerance, inclusion and peace among people.

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