In the beginning of 2012 and 3 weeks before the deadline of February 1st there are a lot of interesting and exciting offers for short and long-term European Voluntary Service projects. The projects are financed by Youth in Action programme. It means that 90 % of the travel costs are covered and there is money for food, accommodation, insurance and pocket money.

If somethings strikes your attention, get in contact with Natalie Jivkova at She is the person responsible for longterm projects as of January 2012. Note that to apply for the projects in Portugal you have to register on their website to send your CV and motivation letter. Please contact Nati before doing so. Some of the deadlines are pretty close!

Short-term EVS Project in Serbia

Предложения в Португалия

Предложения в Гърция


Let’s play together in the kindergarten of Velo-Vocha

activity start: 05th May, 2012

Let’s play together in the kindergarten of Xylokastro-Evrostini

activity start: 05th May, 2012

duration of the projects: 6 months

EVS volunteers support and help in the every day work of the kindergarten. This includes helping in the fine-art workshop, painting lessons, theatrical workshop, playing games with the children in the free time activity (the volunteer has the opportunity of making his/ her own workshop), helping the teachers to prepare the materials and the room for the activities, gathering them after the activity, take care of the kids from accidents, avoiding conflicts between the kids, comply the kids with the rules of the kindergarten, pay attention on immature aggressive kids , helping in the kitchen of the kindergarten.

Centre of creative work with children (Municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostini)

activity start: 05th May, 2012

EVS volunteers will provide additional support and help in the everyday work of the Center of Creative Work with Children. This includes helping in the theatrical workshop/theatrical games, theatre with puppets) music-kinetic workshop (they will support music-kinetic games, sound stories, singing, playing on musical instruments) and fine-art workshop (the volunteers will work on the field of handcraft, to use different kind of materials such as clay, lime etc., they will help the children to make constructions, collages, paintings etc.).The volunteers will play with the kids in the free time activity, helping the teachers to prepare the materials and the room for the activities, gathering them after the activity, avoiding conflicts between the kids, paying attention on immature aggressive kids, playing and take care of the kids during the outside activities

Help at Home in Xylokastro -Evrostini

activity start: 05th May, 2012

Help at Home in Velo- Vocha

activity start: 05th May, 2012

duration of projetcs: 6 months

The target group of our program is the elderly people with special needs who need help, have problem with their health, with the physical condition of their body, who can’t do the everyday living activities by themselves (cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, etc.). The volunteers can help us to be able to give help more elderly people, they will participate in visiting and helping in the elderly people’s homes, taking care of them, paying attention, helping in the assistants’ work (bring the medicines, the food, they can clean the house, cook for them, pay the bills etc.), furthermore the volunteers help in the centre of elderly.

Informative activities and equal opportunities

Activity start: 05th  May, 2012

duration: 6 months

This project takes place in the youth information offices of the organization in Xylokastro and  Vocha-Velo municipalities. Through these offices we want to show the possibilities to the young people of the region age between 16-30 Volunteer’s activities: The activities include working in the information offices. The volunteers participate in the presentations in the schools, promoting the activities of the Information offices. They will also help in the preparation of the local youngsters that participate in EVS. The volunteers will help to develop the webpage of the organization by filling up with new information, photos, announcements…etc. They will also make researches for organizations, institutes from the European countries, becoming the contact person of Orfeas, sending them information, news and propositions for future plans.

Musical instruments laboratory

starting date: 5th May 2012, duration: 4 or 8 weeks

In the project the volunteers will participate actively in the building and reconstruction of traditional and modern musical instruments, creation of a step-by-step guide with photographs and text concerning the building and conservation of  traditional musical instruments, developing presentations through the computer (Power Point) about the building of the musical instruments and the activities of the host organization, organize exhibitions with the musical instruments, which are made through the voluntary work and presentations about the European voluntary work, promotion of the European Voluntary Service in the local schools.

Youth together for the forest of Xylokastro

starting date: 5th   May 2012, duration: 4 or 8 weeks

We would like to host EVS volunteers to support and help in the everyday work of the environmental program of the municipality of Xilokastro. This includes helping to protect the forest of Xilokastro, protect the coast, planting new trees, they  will help making new and repairing the old footpath, benches, tables, wooden and metal fences in the forest, making researches about new and different methods about how to protect the nature.

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