Our EVS volunteer Aleksandar Yordanov participated in the project Youth for future, that took place in Romania from 1 October 2015 till 30 April 2016.  The hosting and coordinating organization of the project was Asociatia Tineret pentru Dezvoltare Durabila, and CVS-Bulgaria was the sending organization of the Bulgarian volunteer.  


The project is financed under the Erasmus+ Program.

Enjoy the pictures and VIDEO of the EVS story “Youth for future” in Romania.


The current education system in Romania faces a lack of practical skills to be transferred to students from small ages. Most of the teaching methods are based on theory and big amounts of information, thus the students reach the point to have a serious lack of practical key competences, which are essential for personal development since early ages. The civil society and NGOs have an important role in trying to sustain the young people since early ages, in order to implement complementary methods of non-formal and informal education, in order to sustain the development of individuals.

In order to create an entrepreneurship environment for children aged 5-10 from Romania, Asociatia Tineret pentru Dezvoltare Durabila implemented an EVS program, where 6 volunteers from Spain, Bulgaria and Italy were working for 7 months with children in schools. The project “Youth for future” proposed a different approach for the work of youth in the field of volunteering using non-formal education. We aimed to create the impact for participants and the local youngsters as the activities were implemented to multiply the concept and the activities experienced in all the communities of the partners, so we could integrate the concept in a mainstream for youth work, with a lot of visibility and participation of the community.

The main objectives of the EVS stage were:

  1.  Development of entrepreneurial skills, cultural skills, communication in a foreign language, social and digital competences for volunteers and young people using means of non-formal education.
  2.  Development of the “Small Entrepreneur Interactive Guide”.
  3.  Creation of a large-scale network with the role of a meeting point for young people, volunteers, NGOs, youth workers, etc
  4.  Implementation of youth events with young people from Bucharest.

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