Eligibility criteria


1. The volunteers should be at least 18 years (for camps in Bulgaria the mandatory minimum age is 16 years);
2. The volunteer must be fluent in spoken English and / or the official language of the camp;
3. The volunteer has to pay the administrative fee (hyperlink to financial conditions) to CVS – Bulgaria as a sending organization;
4. The volunteer chooses and pays his/her transportation to the camp site, and if needed the costs of a visa.
5. After his/her returning the volunteer completes a standard feedback questionnaire of  CVS – Bulgaria for his/her impressions and experiences gained during the camp. The goal is to get feedback from the participants and to strengthen our role as facilitator so that the volunteers feel sufficiently prepared and supported by us as their sending organization.
6. It is desirable that the volunteer:
– participates in a preparatory workshop organized by CVS – Bulgaria before his/her departure for the camp;
– provides information about the camp – text/narrarive and photos in order to be published on the website of CVS – Bulgaria;
7. During the camp the volunteers must:
– Participate in the group work according to the pre- settled schedule;
– Respect the ground rules and conditions of the camp (rules regulating smoking, conduct, etc..)
– Is present throughout the whole duration of the camp;
– Participates in the overall assessment of the camp along with other volunteers in order to improve the quality of future camps.
8. During the camp it is recommended that volunteers should:
– avoid conflicts of any nature with other volunteers from the group or with the local population;
– have patience and tolerance and respect the cultural characteristics of all participants. The aim is that during the camps we create an atmosphere of understanding and we settle and develop something that brings positive emotions.

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