Training and evaluation


All coordinators, especially the ones that take up this role for the first time, have to take part in a special training in Bulgaria or abroad, individually or in a group. Every year CVS-Bulgaria strives to organise a short training for workcamp coordinators, which covers topics such as the values and principles of volunteer workcamps, duties and responsibilities of the coordinators, their fears and expectations. On international level there are also such trainings and CVS-Bulgaria sends participants whenever this is possible.

After the end of the workcamp the coordinator organises and carries out an evaluation of the workcamp with the volunteers and the organisers. He/she also makes his/her own evaluation of the work done, the organisation during the workcamp, the group dynamics and all other aspects of the project. This evaluation is made in the form of a questionnaire but also in personal meetings with representatives of CVS-Bulgaria. The aim is to analyse what problems there were and what were the reasons in order to be able to improve the quality of the workcamps every year.

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