CVS – Bulgaria Projects


The Tolerance Project

From March till June 2012 the EVS volunteer Judith den Boer was leading a working group of few volunteers on Human Rights. Their idea was tolead different workshops in high schools in Sofia on topics like tolerance, cultural diversity, prejudice and racism. The group developed a programme to introduce the topic in an academic hour through non-formal education. Most of volunteers in the working group are also volunteers in the Integration Centre for Refugees in Sofia. They had workshops in half a dozen high schools around Sofia. Although the results are not impressive in terms of numbers, it is essential that the topic was brought up and discussed between students in schools. More about the impressions of the volunteers participating, you can find here. More.



photo of volunteersNational Campaign on European Voluntary Service

From 15th October to 31st December CVS-Bulgaria is working on a campaign to popularise the EVS Youth in Action Programme. The campaign is financed by the National Centre “European Youth Programmes and Initiatives” and partners of CVS-Bulgaria : BlueLink Information Network, Directorate of Nature Park “Bulgarka” – Gabrovo, Association Creative and Environmental People – Boboshevo, Association “Youth Development Center – Mutual Aid” – Kazanlak and Society for Investigation Practices. More


Together Is Better

screenshot of databaseThis project is supported by a grant from the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe. Its main purpose is to improve the communication and interaction between organizations and institutions working with volunteers and people who are willing to participate in voluntary activities in Bulgaria; thus, increasing the information and knowledge about the importance of volunteering; presenting the possibilities for voluntary work in Bulgaria.

The final stage of the project is the presentation and popularization of the database throughout the country with the purpose to inform interested organizations and institutions about the capabilities of the database. More


school logoEco-Messengers Training Course

From 14 to 21st of June 2009, the Vlahi Ecocentre Nature School hosted an international Eco-Messenger Training course organized by CVS-Bulgaria.

The course aimed to train young people as “eco-messengers,” able to create and to lead workshops on environmental topics in the frame of voluntary activities of their organization and acting as multipliers in their community. More



Volintegrationphoto of volunteers

The Volintegration project ran simultaneously in 12 countries all over Europe. It aimed to establish a European network of different bodies to promote volunteering as powerful means to develop sense of belonging both to local and European communities and creating a feeling of ownership and therefore commitment toward society. At the same time we wanted to inform young people and youth leaders on European opportunities for social inclusion and integration. More


CVS-logoBe Active, Broaden Your Perspectives

Over 150 young Bulgarian people were trained through the numerous project activities, gaining more self-confidence and knowledge on topics related to voluntarism, human rights and so on. The organization process was very vibrant and there was a constant need of adaptation to the circumstances in order to achieve the envisioned goals of the project. This project was also beneficial to CVS-Bulgaria as it helped the organization to redefine its priorities for future work through absorbing the ideas and proposals stemming from the young and innovatively-thinking volunteers and facilitate the process of their implementation. More


Earlier Projects