Would you like to realise your own ideas?
Have you been wanting to initiate your own project?
You (and eventually your team) are ready to rock, but you just don’t know yet how to get there and realise your idea(s)?
Well… read this call carefully and – if interested – join us!

Aims and Goals

  • Exchange with international youth workers, activists and volunteers about pressing topics in Europe that urgently need more attention, e.g. forced migration and refugees or social exclusion
  • Exploring Social Entrepreneurship as a tool for social change and just society
  • Learn from each other how to improve the processes of planning, preparing and implementing projects to tackle these topics
  • Develop ideas into concrete project concepts while learning from existing local and international projects, best practices and from the field of NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs
  • Build a support network to find synergies among project teams and to build on knowledge existing in networks and organisations
  • Use project management tools to develop, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate projects’ impacts.

The seminar will gather 30 participants from about 17 countries. The final selection of the participants will be done by the coordination team upon recommendation by the project partners.


  • Be able to attend for the full duration of the seminar
  • Ideally be active and be able to influence decisions of their sending organisations and have experience in volunteering, and related topics, such as Climate Justice, Gender, Social Inclusion, Human Rights, Community Development…
  • Be willing to commit yourself to spreading their new skills and competences to your sending branch in whatever capacity
  • We expect participants to actively contribute to this outcome after the Activity by writing short reports about their learnings and activities, and to share them with SCI-D, CVS and their sending organisation
  • Bring ideas for workshops, methods, tools, best practices and approaches to be shared
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Be able to work in English language
  • Be motivated and sensitive to work with people from different backgrounds

This call for participants applies only for youth workers, activists and volunteers from EU countries + Albania, Armenia, Kosovo and Ukraine. You can apply if you have a residence in one of those countries or hold a passport from one of them.

The venue

The training will take place in Hotel Complex Jeravna, which is situated in Bankya (Bulgarian: Банкя) – a small town and hot springs spa district located on the outskirts of Sofia. The district is famous for its healing and clean air and mineral springs and baths that have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.

The accommodation will be organised in double or triple rooms, which have a private bathroom, bed linens and towels, and free WiFi. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in the restaurant of the hotel, according to the specific food needs of the participants mentioned in the registration form, starting with a dinner on 30th June and finishing with lunch on 5th July 2022.


More information about the trainers, draft program, conditions and project you can find in the detailed call here.


To apply for the project, please follow the link

Please submit your application by 03.06.2022! We will be happy to answer all your questions, please write to Britta and Jenia at: projectcafe@sci-d.de

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