“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”CVS- Bulgaria and Caritas Sofia are recruiting


to participate in The Refugee Project and to work with children, young people and adults, in the reception centres in Ovcha Kupel and Voenna Rampa

at the State Agency for Refugees

 Volunteer position: Volunteer (The Refugee Project)

Role overview: Preparing and leading educational sessions for refugee and asylum seeker children and adults in Sofia, on one or more of the following topics: Bulgarian language and orientation, English language, IT skills, and art, sports and games. The volunteers in the project have an active role in the integration of the children, young people and adults living in the reception centres in Sofia

–  helping them to adjust to a Bulgarian way of life and, for the children, in preparing them for the Bulgarian education system. In addition, some volunteers choose to actively support the development of the project activities by participating in thematic committees according to their interest and skills, e.g. fundraising or excursions.


  • Leading sessions for asylum seeker children, young people or adults in one or more of the following topics: Bulgarian language and orientation, English language, IT skills, and art, sports and games. Providing help and support for the children in their homework preparation, especially in Bulgarian language and Mathematics;
  • Engaging and maintaining the interest of the asylum seeker children, young people or adults, when delivering the sessions/activities;
  • Planning and organising sessions/activities as part of a small team.
  • Planning and organizing activities outside of the centers: trips, participation in events and tournaments, museum visits, theater and cinema visits, etc.

Activities timeline:

  • The volunteer will help with a minimum of one 2 hour session on the same day each week, in the morning (between 10:30 -12:30) or in the afternoon (2-4).
  • Volunteers with more spare time can choose to attend more than one session on a regular basis.


  • · Age 18+;
    • Desire and skills to work with asylum seeker children, young people or adults;
    • Responsibility and ability to prepare sessions independently (under the mentorship of the project coordinators) after initial training;
    • Ability to work well with other volunteers to plan and deliver sessions;
    • An interest in different cultures;
    • Ability to complete tasks within set deadlines;
    • Experience of working with children is an advantage, as well as education in social activities and / or pedagogy;
    • Knowledge of Arabic and/or Farsi would be useful; knowledge of other languages is a plus.

Duration: 8 February 2016 – 31 May 2016 (volunteers who enjoy the work and successfully complete this session may be offered the opportunity to continue to volunteer with the Refugee Project.)

 Project launch

  • 6 and 7 February – compulsory training
  • 8 February – activities start


  • Ovcha Kupel: Integration Center for Refugees at SAR (21A Montevideo St., Ovcha Kupel District, Sofia);
  • Voenna Rampa Военна Рампа: 11 Lokomotiv St., Serdica – Nr Professional School for Interior Architecture and Woodcarving, Sofia


  • General information on countries of origin, EU and local law regulations and procedures;
  • Detailed overview of the project and its activities;
  • Training by specialists about working with asylum seeker and refugee children, young people and adults;
  • Training on concrete educational activities and suggesting good practices in working with asylum seeker children, young people or adults;
  • Information on the rights and responsibilities of the volunteers.


  • Intercultural communication, meeting  people of different ages and from different cultures;
  • Gaining experience in working with asylum seeker and refugee children, young people and adults;
    • Experience of planning and leading educational, creative or sports activities;
    • Bilingual certificate from CVS-Bulgaria and Caritas Sofia on successful completion of the project;
    • Personal satisfaction.

 Mentoring and evaluation:

  • The volunteer’s work will be mentored by the coordinators of the project and experienced volunteers who continue their volunteer service within the project;
  • Contact persons will be the coordinators of the project; volunteers will also be assigned a mentor who has previous experience of volunteering with the project.
  • Mid-term and final training/evaluation sessions.

If you want to apply, fill the application form here and send your CV to therefugeeproject@gmail.com till 24th of January

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