Donation campaign for clothes and household items for the refugees in Banya

With autumn at the doorstep, all of us start taking out warmer clothes, put away the sandals and decide we do not need some clothes and items anymore. Thanks to you and with our joint efforts a month later we will go back to Banya village in order to provide the refugees with a warmer winter.

The most badly needed clothes and items are:

– men’s autumn and winter clothes and shoes
– women’s autumn and winter clothes and shoes
– children’s autumn and winter clothes and shoes
– baby clothes
– toys
– thick blankets, bed covers and sheets

It is required that all the clothes and shoes you donate are clean, in good condition and according to the season. We will be grateful if the donations are packed in solid bags (black solid bags).

When and where:

Tuesday (1 October) – 15:00-20:00h.

Wednesday (2 October) – 15:00-20:00h.

Social Center Xaspel, 8 Madrid Blvd.

Thursday (3 October) – 11:30-18:30h.

Friday (4 October) – 12:00-19:00h.

Social Center Adelante, 27 Gurko Str., inner yard building

If you have any questions, you can pose them at, evs.giorgia@ or call 0899722195.

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The initiative is supported byCVS-Bulgaria, Social Center Adelante, Social Center Xaspel and the State Agency for Refugees with the Council of Ministers.

More info:

In case you do not have private transport, you can reach Banya village from Nova Zagora by a fixed-route minibus which stops in front of the stairs of an old people’s home. Behind it you can find the Integration centre (IC) for refugees. The closer you come, the louder the voices of playing children immersed in their games become. Their parents prepare food, drink coffee or tea and in the evening stroll to the village center to eat sunflower seeds. The same story repeats on the next day. Between 29 August and 8 September CVS-Bulgaria sent three volunteers to the IC in Banya village: Giorgia and Jonathan. Thanks to the donations collected at the “For the children’s day to make the refugee children happy” campaign, which took place in the end of May, the days were full of games, drawing, clay modeling, problem solving, studying Bulgarian and English languages. But most of all, full of games which took place in the courtyard because soon after the arrival of the volunteers, all free space was used for the accommodation of the newly-arrived refugees. The capacity of the Centre is 80 people, and at the moment the number of accommodated people has more than doubled. The number of children is about 50.
The time we spent there was enough to make friends. Such an intercultural exchange renders openness and tolerance devoid of their political connotation and helps reaffirm them as natural qualities of all human beings. One can argue who learned more: the volunteers from the children or the children from the volunteers. Every evening all children cried “Bukra, bukra?” (“Tomorrow, tomorrow?”), and the answer was “Yes, yes”. On the last day we promised “Bukra, bukra, bukra…”.

We thank in advance all the participants in the initiative! Peace.

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