logo_bmbThe Balkan Myth Buster is project financed by Erasmus+ program, which has been implemented by VCV Serbia and GAIA Kosovo in 2016-2017. The project reunites 8 peace organizations from Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany and Croatia: 24 participants from all of these countries met first in November 2016 in Tavankut, Serbia on a training course, focused on a research on myths and its impact on the formation of identities and for the Training Course. In March 2017 a youth exchange as the second activity took place in Velika Hoca e Madhe, where 30 young participants reunited for ten days. And then in September 2017 a second youth exchange happened in Trstenik, Serbia, dedicated to the creation of a new mythology and positive stories for the future.

As a follow-up of the project it has been decided to open a web page with the intent to collect different memories and testimonies from the Balkan countries, aiming to show the region from a different point of view.

The records presented would show moment of integration, cooperation and kindness among the citizens of the different Balkan countries, we are looking for stories that could deconstruct the concept of group identity bonded with a given nation; these would finally allow us to go beyond the rhetoric of single stories which is the kind of narratives that tells only one side of the story and contribute to narrow minds and views, fostering stereotypes and prejudices.

Among the Balkan region there are thousands of stories that would serve perfectly the goal. They just need to be told!

If you have a story that you think is suitable and is worth to be shared, you are more than welcomed to visit the blog Mything Point and send your masterpiece at the following email address office@volotiraj.rs

The story does not need to be long and elaborate, the more you go straight to the point the more it will be effective!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

For more info about the project visit:

VCV Serbia – Balkan Myth Buster

GAIA Kosovo – Balkan Myth Buster

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