I can’t believe that already 8 months went away. I feel that I just arrived a few days ago. Maybe the time is running here faster or I just feel that way because I enjoy every moment and I don’t want to stop it.  As I see there are two kinds of people: the first group who adore Bulgaria and the Balkans, and the second group who don’t like it at all. Fortunately, I belong to the first group. If my family and my friends would live here I would never leave Sofia any more.

I can’t say that I know everything about Sofia, I can’t say that I can speak in Bulgarian, but I already know a lot about the life here. I meet some familiar face in the street on the way to the office every day. I know the shop assistants in my neighborhood. I know the trees and bushes next to the road.  I know when the sun gets up and goes down.

Sometimes I am wondering why the Bulgarian people do this or that, but it’s only because the different culture. I like to spend time with elderly Bulgarian people – especially who can speak in Hungarian or in English – because they have a lot of interesting stories from the past. I like that here I have friends from all over the world, and I can get to know different habits, different cultures here.

I have 5 very good EVS friends. They are from Lithuania, Romania, Germany, France and Hungary. Sometimes it’s very good that I have foreign friends, because we can discuss the strange Bulgarian habits and we have great time together.

With CVS-Bulgaria everything goes well, we have events almost every week like international days, movie nights, and some other important events like Volunteers’ Day, Christmas party. We moved to a new office which was kind of funny activity, like a team building game, and now we have a nice, big new office. Every week I spend a funny and very happy day in the Hungarian Institute. It’s a place for me like from the fairy tales where everybody likes me, and I love them. I just simply adore to enter into this building which is a small Hungary for me in Bulgaria.  Luckily, I met Hungarian youngsters same age as me and we spend a lot of time together watching movies, going to theatre, creating some new food or discovering some unknown part of Sofia.

When I went home for Christmas a friend of mine asked me to explain her why I like my life in Sofia and to tell her one thing which is the best for me here. I couldn’t say only one thing, but if I have to name only one – I can say that the best thing is the feeling in my soul. The feeling that I am happy, that I have friends who like me and I like them, the feeling that I am a part of something good, great, and funny. This is my best year with EVS and CVS.



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