Project Start: September 1st, 2018

Project End: August 31st, 2019

Project summary:

The MJC is a nonprofit organization , we promote a non formal education. Our main goal is the development of active citizenship for young people and adults through the implementation of social and cultural activities ,including entering into the fields of leisure, recreation and sports. Education and prevention.

We have many projects for a diversified public: children, young people and adults, we have different actions with educational, cultural or social aims. We have several educational activities for migrants ( lessons in French, promoting social and professional inclusion) . Our goal is to fight against exclusions. We work with the school to help students in their formal educational work and connect teachers and family – parenthood – and we organize cultural actions for families with fewer opportunities. We also work with young people, we organize many actions of support to their projects and the valorization of their initiatives and we support the engagement of the young people in the local action. We have important experience in the field of youth work and assist many young people in very different projects: social, cultural, educational and professional. Most of our actions concern the engagement of young people and we support them in their process of autonomy.

 Volunteer Tasks:

 The EVS volunteers could be involved in many project in the MJC including social, educational and cultural activities

  • Migrants program: French classes, cultural workshops and visits, social escorting
  • Leasure activities for children and teenagers during holidays or after school
  • Events: «Village des Sciences» (event promoting the discovery of Science), intercultural week, «Village des Associations» (event promoting local civil society), sustainable development week, initiative and citizenship week, International Volunteers day
  • Multimedia lab: access to Internet, office and video traineeship, games workshop, mobile computers, Web TV
  • Scientific, technological and environmental activities for children and young people: CNRS club, «small scientific» club, scientific or environmental animations within school or youth groups, organization of youth workshops
  • Support for the local civil society and development of initiative amongst the young people: help and advice for organization, training
  • School coaching: for children from the first year of kindergarten through primary and secondary school : help with homework, cultural and pedagogical workshops, introduction to English, educational outings and visits. Training, meeting and exchange days for the school coaches of the district. For families: links with the school establishments and familial outings
  • Web TV and video workshops
  • Administrative tasks as communication (flyers, advertisements, etc.)
  • Volunteers will be provided with French classes up to 4 hours per week during the project


Profile of volunteers:

  •  Willingness to work on the subject of migration and with young people
  • Willingness to be actively involved in the project and in the community
  • Personal motivation and positive spirit
  • Personal contribution to the project – ideas and proposals for activities and enrichment of the project
  • Flexibility, readiness to work as part of the team / group
  • Desire to learn new things
  • Easily adaptable, sociable
  • Basic knowledge of French is recommended, but not mandatory



Elbeuf is a small town near Rouen, the center of the Normandy region. The MJC Youth and Cultural Center works in an area where approximately 50,000 people live.

Accommodation will be in an apartment, with volunteers sharing a dormitory with a maximum of one other volunteer. The apartment has common living and kitchen areas. Volunteers will be able to prepare meals by providing 7 euros per day for food. MJC interns will also be accommodated in the facility, which will encourage contacts with the French youth. The accommodation will be a reasonable distance from the center of the MJC, provided a monthly travel card throughout the Rouen Normandy metropolis, as they will have access to entertainment, shopping, leisure facilities or sports. Individual support: 180 € per month.

Deadline for applications:

As soon as possible up to June 30th, 2018


You can look at the organization’s website: http://www.mjc-elbeuf.fr/

Send CV and a motivational letter explaining which topic is most interesting to you and would like to emphasize during the project. Send the documents to international@mjc-elbeuf.fr.

If you have any questions or need for additional information, Natalia from our team will assist you. Her email is longterm@cvs-bg.org.

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