Ако си на възраст между 18 и 30 година, имаш желание да бъдеш полезен и се чудиш какво да правиш следващата една година, погледни информацията за одобрения проект по ЕДС, а може да се окаже, че е точно за теб.

Ето и кратка информация за проекта:

Activities dates: 5/09/2012 – 4/09/2013

Duration: 12 months duration (с възможност да започне малко по-късно)

Place of activities: Tours, France – Compagnons Batisseurs Bretagne Etablissement Centre

Website of the organization: www.compagnonsbatisseurs.org

HEI ref number: 2010-FR-186


Role and tasks of the volunteer:
The activity support of the project is around housing and precarious living conditions of numerous families in rural or urban areas. The main activity is the family building sites, that is to say making works with the families: preparation and realisation of the work together, meals taken in common and activities with children when possible.

In Marseille most of the works are focused on painting, laying wallpaper, electrical repairs small plumbing repairs, internal arrangements: installation of shelving… If the technical support is fundamental, it is only the support to an educational approach, in mobilizing the families. This help is hardly quantifiable, and is different from a person to another. Most of the families are composed by lonely women with children, marginalized couples with or without children.Volunteers are responsible for technical realisation, work and life organization on the site with the support of a technical animator.

Volunteers could also be in charge of the co-animation of international workcamp. It is an important moment of the voluntary service during which they have to co-manage the workcamp and a group of young people technically and educationally (preparation of the meals, dusting, getting food, logistics…). The volunteers can also co-organize some short workcamps during week ends. They are a pretext to support associative life of the regional association putting together active members, partners, volunteers, families…).

The volunteers have the possibility to get involved in the national or regional life of the association in participating in meetings or in the Executive Committee which corresponds to their inspirations and to their demand to develop a real and active European citizenship. The EVS coordinator, the EC and the whole association are concerned by accompanying all the volunteers in their discovery of the association and its functioning.

Ако проявяваш интерес, пиши на Наталия на longterm@cvs-bg.org възможно най-скоро.

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