Training course on Human rights and Forced Migration

We are planning to apply for a project for the second Round of the Erasmus+ programme, the deadline February, 2nd 2017. The project is a training course for youth workers, leaders and activists willing to learn the basics and know more about Human Rights and Forced Migration. During the training we will discuss how human rights are exploited nowadays and what we, as the active part of the society, can do to contribute for the positive change within our local communities. There will be a special focus on forced migration and the human rights of displaced people.

The training course «Human Rights for Dummies» will take place in Bulgaria in July and will gather 30 participants, interested in the topic for 7 days willing to learn more and ready to develop workshops and multiply the effect of the training back in their local communities.

The project is developed and will be implemented in a partnership with Step by Step Foundation. More information you can find in the detailed call below:

Call for partners Humаn Rights for Dummies TC

If you are interested in becoming a partner organization and send 2 or 3 motivated participants to the training, please send us  by 27th January 5pm CET to

– Partner identification form
– Mandate letter (stamped, signed and scanned
– number of participants you would like to send (2 or 3)

We will need the original mandate letter as well, to be sent to:


P.O. Box 140

1113 Sofia


mandate_en_2017_HR for Dummies

Partner Identification – HR for Dummies


For any further questions, please contact us at

Thank you in advance,

CVS-Bulgaria team

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