Let’s create a project together where mentoring is an art we aim to master!

CVS-Bulgaria is planning to apply for a project “Mentoring form A to Z” for the first Round of the Erasmus+ programme, the deadline February, 2nd 2017. The project will be a further step in organizing and implementing LTV/EVS projects of high quality by developing and improving the competences of mentors of longterm.

The training course «Mentoring from A to Z » will take place in July and gather 30 representatives of organizations (mentors) for 7 days(incl. a day for arrival and departure) willing to start to support or have already been working with longterm volunteers and willing to improve their skills in supporting to the volunteers.

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Partner Identification – Mentoring from A to Z

mandate_TC Mentoring from A to Z

If you are interested in becoming a partner organization, please send us by 23rd January 5pm CET to cvs.katerina@gmail.com the:
– Partner identification form
– Mandate letter (stamped, signed and scanned)
– number of participants you would like to send (2 or 3)
We will need the original mandate letter also sent to:
P.O.Box 140
1113 Sofia
For any further questions, please contact us at cvs.katerina@gmail.com

Thank you in advance,

CVS-Bulgaria team

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