Viktoria Petrova

Between 24th May and 4th June three participants represented Bulgaria in the ‘Non- formal tools for immigration youth workers’ seminar facilitated by the D.G.T Association. The project took place in Romania and included people from Romania, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The overall aim of the seminar was to help participants to develop their ability to use non- formal methods within their work with migrants. Therefore, after the teambuilding activities, the group benefited from receiving a training on the topic. They had the chance to observe how their new theoretical knowledge applies to real situations in Romania. This was ensured through two main steps. Firstly, the program included guest speakers from UNHCR Romania. The sessions with them were extremely interesting and useful for understanding some of the challenges that occur along the way of the big organizations that work with migrants. Secondly, the facilitators of the seminar organized two field visits of local non-governmental organizations in Bucharest were participants attended presentations and had the chance to ask questions. This was once again useful for seeing the current situation from different angles.

As the seminar was advancing, participants were divided into groups and were expected to develop their own ideas of non- formal workshop. This process included brainstorming, planning and eventually presenting those workshops within the whole group. The delivered workshops included activities such as Human Book, Photo Library and different educational activities. This process consisted of a lot of fun, teamwork and constructive feedback.

Least but not last, alongside the serious work, the participants enjoyed a lot of group activities. The most memorable ones include the daytrip to Brasov, as well as, the cultural nights which allowed everyone to familiarize themselves with the cultures and… the food of all the participating countries. Other very interesting activities were preparing a barbeque for the whole group and a wine-tasting session, which everyone found very impressive. Overall, the seminar that took place in Romania resulted in learning a lot, developing workshop ideas and creating some amazing memories and friendships.

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