The idea for the project “Volume UP!” was created based on the so far success of the previous project Urban life and also according to the needs of young people in our local environment, which is increasingly seeing the decline of urban culture. Urban culture is the culture of cities. It could be described as a large number of very different people in a very limited space – most of them don’t know each other.

mc krsko

Duration of the project:

20.5.2018-19.5.2019 (12 months)

Who can join?
Everyone motivated and enthusiastic about urban culture, who is also interested to work with kids, youngsters and other local artists and local people. Volunteers between 18 – 30 years. The project will actively engage two young people in the programming of Erasmus +, which will be between 18 and 30 years of age, and gender balanced (1 male and 1 female person).

What are the main activities?

  • Implementation of 2 cultural (Bulgarian, Spanish) evenings for all visitors. –
  • Transfer of information about tools for the recognition of non-formal skills that are internationally recognized, for visitors of MC Krsko and the other young people.
  • Discussions of young people on the topic of EU residence status and needs of young people in general.
  • Monthly editing and issuing a short film from the activities, which will be co-organized or self-org. by the volunteers,
  • Sharing photos from the project activities on Facebook in all partner environments.
  • Published articles in the Slovenian media at the local, regional and national level
  • Assistance in the implementation of weekly workshops for children called “MC direndaj.”
  • Organizing activities for young people (mostly for unorganized youth who are a part of different subcultures).
  • Bringing own ideas to the organization and execution of the festival Generator (festival of urban culture) from the two participating volunteers.
  • Gathering ideas and suggestions to improve the situation of young people belonging to various alternative cultures, which will be reasonably defined and edited by the volunteers, and forwarded to the stake holders in our local environment.
  • Personal projects of each of the volunteers who have not yet been fully defined; however, their project will be useful and widespread.
  • New projects with partners in the future; reciprocal exchange of young volunteers at the annual level.
  • Reusing a black spot in the municipality (for example drawing a graffiti on the wall, with logos of Erasmus+, Movit, MC Krsko and the title of the project).


You will be staying in the new youth hostel located inside the youth center (separate EVS apartment, furnished 4 single rooms , 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 1 living room , air conditioned), each will have its own room and you will share the apartment with another volunteer, the living room will be shared with three volunteers.


Food and money:

You will receive a monthly deposit for food, which will be determined in the activity agreement, along with pocket money, which comes to about 285 eur per month.

Other useful information:

You will also have a laundry room, drying room, some bicycles, cell phone, Wi-Fi. Social security will be provided in the internal agreement between partners and volunteers, where we will define accommodation, insurance, the amount of the costs for food, pocket money, working hours, weekly schedules, holidays… You will be provided with all the necessary support before leaving for EVS (before departure training, generally about EVS, Youthpass, Europass, logistical issues, …)

Upon arrival you will attend an on arrival training that will be organized by NA, where all the EVS volunteers from Slovenia come and get to know each other and the EVS program in general. You have the right to a mentor, this will be volunteers who have experience with EVS and they will individually meet with the EVS volunteers, they will introduce you into life in a new environment, help you build a social network.

You will be a part of a Slovenian language course weekly (1,5/week).As the Youth center Krsko is located in the very center of Krsko, the local activities can be reached by foot or bicycle. For the remote activities public transport will be used (paid by the hosting org.).

If you are already interested in applying, then send your motivation letter and CV in English to Natalie at as soon as possible, but not later than 10th of June!

Good luck!

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