The project and Its context

Five European countries (Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Spain), ten non-profit organizations (Rota Jovem, ALEM, GAT, CVS, CEIPES, ACTOR, Dominou, NEXES, AFAIJ, Basida) and ten volunteers are involved in the project “Strengthen the bond of inclusion”.

It is a Strategic EVS project focused on the promotion of social inclusion in the educational and health fields and it consists in a long-term EVS (9 months, from October 2017 to June 2018) and a complementary four-days seminar (October 2018) to share the personal and professional experiences of the volunteers and present a booklet as a main result of the project.

Infopack ALEM

The volunteer will be working in the framework of the Refugee Project. In 2010 we started a very ambitious initiative – to create a space where people could meet people regardless of their background and current vulnerable situation. The Refugee project is a space where thousands of volunteers every year open their hearts to asylum seekers in Bulgaria and give them a warm welcome through activities and quality spent time together. The project is managed by volunteer coordinators from CVS-Bulgaria and Caritas Sofia. The project gathers local volunteers who organize variety of lessons and workshops for the asylum seekers and refugees in the main refugee reception centers in Sofia – Ovcha Kupel, Voenna Rampa and Vrazhdebna, as well as excursions and different events. Every year EVS volunteers join this team and make a difference by being part of this crazy, vibrant and hardworking crew. The main activities within the project can be seen in our brochure.

If we sparkled your interest and you would like to find more about this position, click here.

Deadline for application: 30 August 2017

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