TC “Y.D.E.A.” Youth Development through Emotional Awareness”
9th-16th  June 2023
Emen village, Veliko Tarnovo region, Bulgaria
(Call for participants)

Are you intrigued by Emotional Intelligence? Do you want to know more about Social and Emotional Learning? Do you want to improve your emotional competences to boost inclusion in youth work? Then…we have a great Y.D.E.A.! Join our Erasmus+ project and you will:

  • get to know and learn more about the international participants and their organisations, through team-building and interactive sessions;
  • increase your knowledge on Emotional Intelligence, Social Emotional Learning, Emotional Awareness, social psychology, mental health and how to apply this knowledge to youth work to boost social inclusion and impact;
  • through “learning-by-playing” sessions, develop non-formal educational methods, tools, models and practice based on SEL and EI, and focused on the current needs of young people;
  • develop and consolidate sensitivity and the expertise concerning mental health issues within the organisations, the networks, the International Voluntary Service movement and in youth work in general;
  • share ideas and inspirations on how to create synergies with formal and non-formal education bodies, to reach-out and include young people with fewer opportunities.

We will offer you an excellent learning opportunity that will support you to increase the quality of non-formal education activities you and your organisation are doing, and also a unique networking experience with fellow-minded people from across Europe. Please read the following points to check if you are eligible to apply!

The ideal participants are educators and trainers (also to-be trainers), workcamp coordinators, volunteers, NGOs staff and board members and youth workers with an interest in emotional intelligence, mental-health, non-formal education, social inclusion and its applications in      their work with young people.   

There are a few formal requirements you need to satisfy to join the training course:

  1. You need to be a resident of one of the 14 project countries mentioned on the cover page.
  2. You must be able to communicate in English (the working language of the course).
  3. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. You need to attend the whole course duration (there is no possibility to make exceptions).
  5. You commit yourself to take part in the preparatory and in the follow-up phase of the project.

We explicitly encourage participants of all genders, abilities and ethnic backgrounds to apply!

The provisional training programme and details about logistics can be found in the detailed Call for participants below! 

Deatailed information can be found in the Call for participants

If you consider yourself a suitable candidate for the course, please fill in the application form   by 18.05.2023, 23:59 CEST.

Before submitting your application, please contact the partner who will act as sending organization (click on the organization name to consult its website):

AustriaSCI Austria
BulgariaCVS Bulgaria
Czech RepublicEYCB
GermanySCI Germany
ItalySCI Italy
North MacedoniaCID
PolandSCI Poland
PortugalAssociao Para Onde
SlovakiaYouth for Equality
SloveniaZavod Voluntariat
SpainXeracion Valencia
TurkeySystem & Generation

You will be notified of the selection results by 20.05.2023.

All those accepted will receive a detailed infosheet (including how to get to the venue, how to book your travel, what to bring, more information about the agenda of the project and details about the preparatory tasks). We will support you in the pre-departure phase together with our project Partner Organisations. Please do not start booking tickets before receiving the official confirmation of approval by CVS-Bulgaria!

If you have further questions regarding the project, you can write to us at

We are looking forward to your application!

Kat & Mauro (The coordination team)

The project “Y.D.E.A.-Youth Development through Emotional Awareness”, 2022-3-BG01-KA153-YOU-000100088 is supported by Erasmus+ Programme, under KA1, Youth workers mobility

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