It is now possible to apply for the new long term voluntary project  The Peace Caravan !

The Peace Caravan is a project, running coming summer, in which 4 groups
of volunteers will travel throughout Europe to spread the word of peace.
They will run workshops, will perform street action, participate in
discussions and debate etc. It is organized by the No-More-War team in
association with the Peace Messengers Network.

Volunteers are able to apply for one of the four routes, like the way
they apply for a regular work camp. The four routes have been announced
during last week by the hosting branches at the workcampdatabase  and the best way to find them is to search at topic 3 (=Peace and disarmament).

The volunteers should have at least some
experience in peace education.
The difference in applying is that the selection of the applicants will
be only done after the  27th of April.

It is also possible to apply as LTV for either route 1+2 or for route

The Peace Caravan is a main, but not the only activity of the NMW-team.
The last two years we have initiated and monitored No-More-War camps,
organized by branches/groups and partner organisations of SCI. This summer
at least 10 NMW work camps are in the planning and more are still welcome
dependent on you!


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