SCI Spain is looking for volunteers for 2 long-term projects. There is no deadline for applying, so sooner you apply, the better. Note that there is an administrative fee paid to CVS Bulgaria in case you are accepted. The amount is 150 BGN.

The first project will be held in BASIDA – an NGO that BASIDA that provides medical and psychosocial support to HIV-positives, drugs addicted people and others with special needs. The duration of the volunteer service is 3 months and is part of the SCI long-term projects. The volunteer is xpected to have basic knowledge of Spanish, to be interested in the topic and to be responsible towards their duties. Food and accommodation are covered and the volunteers organize by themselves their travel and pocket money. There are no fees. More about the project, the wrok and the conditions you can find here. In the short video you can find out more about BASIDA and what is to be a volunteer there (it starts around 2:40 min).

The second project is in Kenya, but it is coordinated by SCI Spain. The volunteer will work with children and will organize educational and free time activities for them. The duration is 3 months and there is a fee – 230 euro per month. The fee covers the accommodation, food and transport. More info here.

If you find these services inspiring and want to apply, contact our EVS and LTV coordinator Natalie Jivkova at If you have any additional questions, conact her again.


 Posted by Mira at 12:53

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