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The right for self-determination in gender

International Activity for youth and social workers, activists and volunteers

05.-14. June 2023 in Berlin – Weissensee, Germany

(Call for applications)

Gender is a socially constructed phenomenon that is often understood as only binary, and therefore excludes other forms of gender expression in our society. Cis-normativity and cis-sexism leave little if any space for gender diversity, self-determination and other forms of sexual identity.

As peace and volunteer organisations, we want to support a large number of young people who are exposed daily to discrimination, structural violence, human rights violations and exclusion in society due to their gender or sexual orientation. In many regions, these problems are denied or, worse, those affected are verbally harassed or physically attacked. It affects different areas of their life such as family, school, work, personal development. In some countries, these problems go beyond customs, stereotypes and norms, where LGBTQIA+ communities are still criminalised and legally denied their rights and freedoms. 

It is equally important to gather and share experiences – whether common or different – to build stronger connections and unity among LGBTQIA + activists. In many countries, the situation has been stale or almost unchanged, hence a breakthrough is needed. Our project will provide an opportunity to establish contacts, learn from each other, and share knowledge in activism and advocacy and thus impact directly on local communities.

The Venue

The activity will take place at Tagungswerk im KuBiZ, Berlin – Wei?ensee

Aims of the Project

  • Support and advocate for the rights of LGBTQIA + people.
  • Acquire skills and competences to more effectively do so and to strengthen the concerns of LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities.
  • Learn how to raise awareness among others and how to share knowledge, to advocate and campaign for gender justice.
  • Contribute to more visibility for LGBTQIA + communities through creating visual and informative materials e.g. videos, flyers, magazines, posters and social media campaigns.  

Living in a Group

We will spend one week together in a group of almost 30 people with different backgrounds and experiences. For us it is very important to take time to create a safer space to live and work together. For this we will set up a group agreement all together at the beginning. Please be aware that inclusion, anti-discrimination and reduction of stereotypes is nothing very easy and might be challenging for people. We invite you to come openly to the seminar and to be open to learn, reflect, and on the same side be mistake – friendly!


  • Participants create their own zine / booklet with personal stories from interviewed persons;

Everyone who comes to this seminar should…

… be actively involved in their sending organisation, in youth or voluntary work or in activism

… ideally have experience in international peace work or activism

… participate actively in the activity and in the production of the outputs

… be comfortable with speaking and writing in English

… ideally be committed to come to the activities by overland route (public transport, no flying)

Eligible Partner Organisations/Countries: 

Please note that there will be opportunities to spend free time in Berlin, but that this is not a „getting to know the city” project. On some days, the seminar also foresees evening sessions.

Logistics, Financial Conditions and Sustainability

  • Simple life: The seminar will take place in a seminar house with simple living conditions. You will sleep in a room shared with few other people.
  • Costs: We cover all essential costs of the program (including vegetarian/vegan food, travel costs up to a maximum amount per distance (maximum travel reimbursement amounts: 10-99 km = 20 Euro, 100-499 km = 180 Euro, 500-1999 km = 275 Euro, 2000 -2999 km = 360 Euro) visa costs, accommodation, and seminar) through an Erasmus+ European project grant. We will reimburse your costs some weeks after project completion, after you have submitted a complete expenditure summary with original receipts. Your sending organisation might ask for a small participation fee. These fees are, apart from excessive travel costs, the only costs you need to cover yourself.
  • Sustainable food: You will prepare meals in small teams and shifts for the whole group. Food will be simple and preferably vegetarian or vegan to support climate justice.
  • Sustainable travels: Please use sustainable means of transport rather than flying. We will give you more guidance on how you can reach the venue once you have been accepted to the seminar.

How to apply:

Please send your application for Breaking Through with the filled Application Form to and After we accept your application, you will receive a detailed Infosheet. 

Detailed call for participants

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