Country: Croatia
Start Date:05/08/2012
End Date: 19/08/2012

Number of volunteers: 14 (age:18+)

For volunteers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia.

Velebit Association Kuterevo was founded in 1995 and since then it works for preservation of natural and cultural heritage. In 2002 the Bear Refuge was founded and today the village hosts more than 20 000 visitors and 200 volunteers. Besides the Bear Refuge, the Volunteers Station was founded as a place for cultural exchange and sustainable living education. The first No More War workcamp with participants only from ex-Yu countries was organized in 2011. No More War camps have intensive study part on peace related topics, in particular non-violent communication.

Type of Work: The volunteers will be working on various tasks related to the bears in the refugee, wildlife in the forest and volunteers’ camp. They will be making bird houses, bug hotels, collecting food for the bears, collecting herbs, helping in habitat revitalization project and experimenting with shelters in the nature.
Study Theme: The study part will be intensive and every day. It will cover topics about nature conservation, sustainable living and climate change. Also we will raise dialogue about identity in the region of former Yugoslavian countries (with participation of all the volunteers who will join the work-camp.), with the special focus on non-violent communication.This work-camp is part of NO-MORE-WAR campaign (http://www.no-more-war.net/our-vision/)

We will in particular emphasize the importance of environmentally friendly living, which will be fully implemented during the camp.
Accommodation for this workcamp is in line with the nature friendly philosophy: basic and eco-friendly accommodation in the volunteer camp in the forest 3 km far from the village. Sleeping in tents, sleeping bags and carry-mats are necessary. Showers will be provided, composting toilets, while cooking will be organized on fire (stove or open fire). Volunteers will be cooking for themselves. Food will be vegetarian.
Language: all Balkan languages and English

Location: The village of Kuterevo is located in the region Lika in the mountain of Velebit. It lies 15km from the town of Oto?ac. It borders the Velebit Nature Park and is in the vicinity to the Northern Velebit National Park. The camp (Hajdu?ka ku?a) is situated 3km from the village, in the forest, with no electricity and other luxuries

Requirements: Motivation letter. Please write few sentences about: – why you want to be a part of this workcamp? – what can you as individual do to contribute to this workcamp? – what are your expectations? Please include answer to all three questions while writing your motivation letter.

Volunteers’ Blog: www.kuterevo.wordpress.com

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