Строили ли сте някога къщи за сови в Тайван? А събуждали ли сте се заобиколени от планини и ледници в Исландия? Или може би сте се грижели за вълци в Америка?

Ако отговорът на всички тези въпроси е отрицателен, то именно сега е моментът да промените това. Разгледайте само част от доброволческите ни лагери на екологична тематика или изберете измежду многото предложения на нашите партьори тук: https://www.workcamps.info/icamps/camps.html

Намерете своя начин да допринесете за опазването на околната среда и възвръщането на хармонията между човека и природата!


Making a House for Owls TW-VYA 10.1701f1bc6f78449d427efd836c9e85d26e5a

Country: Taiwan, Republic of China

Start Date: 11 Mar 2017

End Date: 21 Mar 2017

Description: Xinglong community is located in the southeastern part of Taichung City. It’s near the mountain and has abundant natural resources. Hand in hand with the Taichung Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, the community built 20-30 nest boxes for Collard Scops Owls from used wooden crates, and hanged the boxes near a hundred-year-old tree in the community. We hope we can get more people from different cultures to work together in this project, and introduce new ideas into this community industry.

Aims: Making a House for Owls:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqlFXB0e7_U

We invite volunteers to come to our community to help preserve our natural heritages, and broaden our horizons on ecological conservation. We will conduct two ecological tours. You will get to know the community.

Type of Work:

  1. Assist the local Animal protection volunteer Team perform ecological conservation and first aid work.
  2. Marketing the community lychee industry.
  3. Experience the eco-environment of the community



Family Farm under the Glacier (1:3) IS-SEE 10.23

Country : Iceland

Start Date : 05 Apr 2017

End Date : 19 Apr 2017

Description: Our host for this project is a farmer’s family on the south shore of Iceland close to the town of Vik, the farmers cultivate carrots and keep cows. This is the sixth year that SEEDS volunteers will have the unique opportunity to get to know and explore this traditional  farm.

Type of Work: There will be various tasks, depending on the weather, some cleaning tasks, for instance clearing fields of rocks, fences, trash, beautifying the area around and removing an invasive species called – Rumex longifolius; which has been used in Iceland in order to control soil erosion and revegetate eroded areas; but in some places its spread is more than desirable and being a foreign specie endangers the native species. This weed can remain viable for a long time, is helpful for vegetative reproduction, and adaptable to different environments. It is primarily a weed of grassland, and in this habitat it benefits from agricultural practices which lead to disturbance or eutrophication. It reduces production from the field and lowers the feeding value of the grass to the animals.


Vuk’s Village, Trsic RS-VSS 10.2


Country : Serbia

Start Date : 03 May 2017

End Date : 13 May 2017

Description: Association “Svetionik” has been successfully working since 2000. The activities of the organization are: support to young people, social policy and community development. We support youth activism and youth projects. More than 5000 young people have implemented their own, very different and creative ideas which improve the situation of young people in their communities.

Type of Work: Voluntary camp will be organized as a joint initiative of several partner organizations with the aim of promoting the spirit of volunteerism, environmental protection and the development of rural and eco-tourism. Volunteers will work on renovation of outdoor gym as well as small trim trail in Loznica. Work involves brushing and painting devices. They will also clean few public spaces: 2 walking paths in the memorable village Trsic, the area around the monastery Tronosa and the area around the monument on the mountain Gucevo. Work includes collection and separation of garbage for recycling and designing, constructing and setting wooden boards with environmental friendly messages.



Killarney National Park Woodland Conservation Project IE-VSI 10.1

Country : Ireland

Start Date : 11 Jun 2017

End Date : 25 Jun 2017

Description: Killarney National Park in Co. Kerry in the south west of Ireland is 10,000 hectares in size and comprises mountains, lakes and woodland. It has an extensive range of trees, plants and wildlife. In the 19th century the rhododendron tree/bush (Rhododendron ponticum) was introduced and this has proved to be a highly invasive and destructive tree and has threatened to colonise large areas of the park. The rhododendron is threatening the bio diversity of the park and many native species of trees, shrubs, mosses are under threat.

Type of Work: Volunteers will work on rhododendron control in remote areas of the park. This can involve stem treating mature plants with small tools, the picking of seedlings and cutting of saplings. National Park uses sharp tools (loppers and secateurs) and a herbicide (glyphosphate based diluted solution) as part of their strategy to control the rhododendron plants. The volunteers will be required to use these methods. Full training on the safe use of these methods and safety equipment will be provided by National Park.


Legends of the Ergun River RU-SF 10.9

10791Country : Russian Federation

Start Date : 20 Jul 2017

End Date : 03 Aug 2017

Description: The camp is organized in cooperation with a local environmental NGO “Arbagar” which is struggling for the nature preservation and conservation of archeological monuments in Zabaikalskiy Krai (south-east of Russia). The staff of this NGO managed to create a Natural Reserve and now put a lot of efforts to its development.

Volunteers will help with manual environmental and archeological errands. They will also have a chance to discover new places according to ancient maps found on petroglyphs.

Type of Work: Volunteers will implement different interesting tasks:

  • Processing data from aerial photography and reports
  • Collecting herbarium, picking up herbs
  • Mammal census
  • Water and soil probe sampling
  • Exploring Neolithic sites
  • Cleaning and development of touristic paths
  • Searching of places according to ancient maps
  • Cleaning forest from brushwood and branches



Mission: Wolf-Caring for Wolves and Wolf-Dogs (Colorado) US-SCI 10.1

Country: United States of America

Start Date : 21 Aug 2017

End Date : 11 Sep 2017

Description: Mission: Wolf (M:W) is a peaceful sanctuary for 32 captive wolves and wolf-dogs. The animals living there were all born in a cage. Most captive wolves do not survive to see their 1st birthday- they are often destroyed or neglected. M:W works with the wolves to educate people about the value of wild wolves and drawbacks of trying to keep a wild animal as a pet. It’s a cooperative effort among people with a common mission. M:W values respect for animals and sustainable living. The goal is a healthy, open, empowering environment that promotes personal growth, and inspires individuals to become stewards of the earth. At its best, the experience is an integration between work and play, filled with joy, vitality, humor, sensitivity, and flexibility

Type of Work: Care and maintenance of 30+ wolves, wolf dogs, and their facility. Expect physical work and to be outside. Schedule is 8 hours/day and 5 days/week. Volunteers set their own schedule. Animal care involves counting, preparing food for, feeding, and hauling water to wolves. Work on the facility includes organizing existing areas, re-claiming donated material, improving visitor access trails, handrails, seating areas, campsites, vehicle repair/maintenance, greenhouse work, and construction.

Glebe House September Workcamp UK-IE-VSI 10.1


Country: Northern Ireland

Start Date: 04 Sep 2017

End Date: 15 Sep 2017

Description: Glebe House is a residential and Day activity centre, owned by Harmony Community Trust, near to Strangford in Northern Ireland. It was partly set up in 1975 by Irish and British members of Service Civil International. Since 1975 Harmony Community Trust has been practically and tenaciously working for a fair, inclusive society that respects and cherishes each person’s humanity, dignity, aspirations, ideas and needs. One where each person can determine and re-create their own identity, rather than conform to sectarian, national, ethnic or social stereotypes, myths or stigmas. Glebe House website www.glebehouseni.com

Type of Work: Each year in September Glebe House holds an SCI International Workcamp, to help carry out a major tidy and clean up after our very busy summer residential programme with children.The work for the workcamp, will involve general cleaning and maintenance around the Glebe House centre, including working on the gardens, working on the wildlife play areas, general cleaning and reorganising, fruit harvesting and general repairs.

За повече информация, можете да се свържете с нас на placement@cvs-bg.org или на  communication@cvs-bg.org!

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Picture: Venislav Valchev

CVS – Bulgaria, together with our partners from Management of “Vratsa Balkan” Nature Reserve organizing international volunteer workcamp “Vratsa Balkan – We love environment and environment loves us.”

You could be one of the 15 volunteers!

You love mountains, nature and theme for the environmental is close to your heart? Physical work doesn’t scare you and you are not startled at the sight of a hammer and pliers? You would live 12 days with local people and have a desire to learn more about life there. Take part in our new workcamp “Vratsa Balkan Nature Park – We love environment and environment we love.”


The camp will take place between 17.09 to 28.09 in the heart of the Natural Park “Vratsa Balkan”, villige Ochindol. During the camp, volunteers will participate in the reconstruction and and building a tourist infrastructure in Natural Park Vratsa Balkan; Building a woodhous around a local cultural the monument; Creating a green path, railing and safety measures around the area; Making a promotional video about the place.

We will work with wood, cutting tools, nails and hammers and do some renovation work. It is expected hard physical work to be done for 6 hours a day.

There will be workshops and discussions on the following topics:

  • History of SCI International and Park Vratsa Balkan
  •  Peace education
  •  Recycling and sustainable living
  •  Intercultural understanding
  • Working in small international teams

Touching to the Vratsa, to the mountain and its people there is incomparable experience for all your senses!

Financial and practical conditions of participation:
All essential costs of the programme during the workcamp in Vratsa Balkan (including food, accommodation, and training) will be covered by CVS – Bulgaria.
The volunteers cover their travel expenses.

Details can be found in the link, if you’re interested contact us at projects@cvs-bg.org or fill the form in www.workcamps.info

The camp is organized by CVS – Bulgaria under the Operational Programme “Environment 2007-2013” with the assistance № DIR – 5113326-C-005, “Implementation of activities for planning and management of ” Vratsa Balkan ” Nature Reserve .

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