The new LTV projects within the SCI International network could be found here. The administration fee is  150lv. and there is an additional deposit of 75lv,  which the volunteer gets back upon completion of the project. If you like  a project, please fill in the application below and send it to Natalia.

Application form_AF-LTV-2011-12

If  you are still uncertain and have some questions, we kindly invite you on Saturday (21st April) between ко 2 and 5 pm  in CVS – Bulgaria’s office on 30 Gurgulyat Str.  There you will have the chance to learn more about the longterm volunteering – where you could find information on potential projects:

-how to apply,

-what are the conditions and

– other helpful advices.

If you do not have the chance to stop by, please write to Natalia at  or feel free to call her at 0884 766 451.




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