December is here again and it is the time to remember that the International Volunteer Day (5 December) is coming soon. CVS-Bulgaria will celebrate this important day with lots of noise and surprises for the 7th year in a roll. This year the event will happen in two days – 4th and 5th December.

Our host is the Hungarian Cultural Institute and the beginning is at 2pm. At that time is expected the Education, Youth and Science minister Sergei Ignatov to open a 3D exhibition devoted to the European Voluntary Service (EVS). The exhibition is traveling around the country for the last month already and is going to stay in Sofia till 8th December.

What else to expect? There will be lots of different workshops on puppetry, paper recycling, knitting, sushi and more to come as a surprise. The volunteers will present the volunteer projects they participated in this year with pictures and video. The day is planned to end with the game Darplay. Playing this game means to express your opinion or emotions on a specific topic in no more than 3 minutes.

On Sunday (5.12) there will be a lot of dancing and movement because we have planned some tango, latino and folk dance lessons and juggling lessons. Of course a party like this can’t go without music, so we will listen to people playing guitar, jembe, trumpet and ethno. The start is at 4pm.

What else do we have? Charity sale of books and everything the volunteers made during the workshops, short movies about volunteer projects and a lot of surprises.

The raised amount of money will be used for the organization of different volunteer actions with the children and youngsters from the social institution in the village of Razliv.

And don’t be late!

This year CVS-Bulgaria celebrates 5th December in the frames of a national campaign popularizing the European Voluntary Service (EVS) of the Youth in Action programme, financed by the European commission. The campaign is realized with the financial support of the National Centre for European Youth Programmes and Initiatives (NCEYPI).


We want to thank the following:


Hungarian Cultural Institute –

Craftwomen –

Rakavichka –

Unicus Bulgaria –

Nef’s Papercrafts & Origami –

Tango studio Et Machibo –

Darplay –

Jembe cyrcle Yambadon –

Hostel Canape Connection –

Cinema House –

Last minute travel –

Publishing House Ednorog –

And to those of our friends who joined the event planning and organisation entirely voluntarily! Great thank you!

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