Financial Terms


Youth exchanges are sponsored by the Youth in Action program of the European Commission. This means no participation fee and coverage of the following costs:

  1. food;
  2. accommodation;
  3. study visits for the time of the exchange;
  4. 70 per cent of the travel expenses.

Participants are responsible for the following:

  • pocket money;
  • spare time sight-seeing;
  • 30 per cent of the travel expenses;
  • personal expenses unrelated to the exchange.

The participants are expected to pay for the trip themselves, but are reimbursed on presenting originals of all tickets and invoices for travel expenses incurred during the exchange. The host organization then transfers 70 per cent of the sum to CVS-Bulgaria, and we are able to reimburse our participants.

NB! Reimbursement of travel costs should take place within 2 to 3 months after the exchange. The reason for this delay is that most projects receive funding from European institutions, and the organizers are themselves reimbursed only after the completion of the project!

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