How can I find my type of project?


Projects from all around the world can be found in the SCI search engine for camps (hyperlink to search engine). By means of it you can search for camps according to several different criteria:
– Start Date – indicates camps that take place after a certain date;
– End Date – indicates camps that take place before a certain date;
– Date of birth – the birth date of the volunteer helps  to find the camps that are available to him/her in accordance to  his/her age;
– Programme – it has two selectable options: International Volunteers shows camps in Europe or summary of the ones of Northern hemisphere; North-South Exchange displays camps, which bring together volunteers from northern and southern hemisphere. There one can find camps in various remote sites worldwide;
– Region – narrows down the destinations to a certain region;
– Country – shows camps in certain countries;
– Search in Title – looks for camps according to the title;
– Gender – as the tendency is in each camp to find gender balance, the introduction of information in this field indicates the camps with availability for individual places by the sex of the volunteer;
– Topic – search by topic, according to the interests of the volunteer;
– Options – special preferences are selected in this field. The options are:
-Mixed Age Camps – 30% to 50% of the participants in these camps are aged over 30, so this is an option for adult volunteers who wish to come across a project with people of the same age group;
-Peace Voluntary Project – Project on peace;
-Wheelchair Accessible – camps available for volunteers in wheelchairs;
-Family Camp – camps where all members of a family can take part in including children

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