How do I apply for camp?


You can apply through the online Placement Officer System of SCI (Service Civil International).

The procedure follows several steps you can see below:

1. Create a registration in the Online Placement System

2. When you enter your profile follow the steps described in the windows in the right side of the page :

  •    First you can select and mark your workcamp/s ( up to 6 camps)
  •    The system gives you the opportunity to order the selected workcamps in the order of preference. The application is sent  to the first selected camp. If the volunteer is not approved to participate  he application form is sent to the rest of the camps listed with regard to the order of preference.
  •    The system will require you to fill in your profile data
  •  Please, fill in the  spaces  for your general motivation and your specific motivation for each selected workcamp
  •   Now you can send us your application form with the “Send Application to Branch ” button.

3. The application form will be sent automatically to us at You can contact us at this address regarding any questions connected to workcamps. The person in charge will be Boryana Nikolova, the Placement officer (Work camp administrator) at CVS-Bulgaria.

4. With your application you should transfer to CVS-Bulgaria an administrative fee of 80 BGN to our bank account or through e-Pay.  A detailed information how to do this you can find on our website, section Workcamps.

CVS-Bulgaria is your sending organization. We will accomplish the contact with the organizers of your workcamp and after we receive an answer about your status we will contact you with detailed information about your workcamp and the preparation before your  journey.




To apply for a camp simply fill out the application form and send it at Remember that you can select more than one camp but in the first place put the camp which is most attractive to you. This means that we will initially contact the organizers of the first camp and if the volunteer is not approved for it, then we’ll contact the organizers of the next camp in the order that is specified on the form.

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