Preparation and evaluation


CVS-Bulgaria places big emphasis on preparatory sessions for Bulgarian participants prior to each project abroad. Every year we organize training activities for all outbound team members, covering the issues of

  • participants’ rights and responsibilities for the duration of the project;
  • intercultural communication;
  • prejudices and stereotypes;
  • tolerance;
  • team work.

Prep sessions are designed to introduce and expand on the notion of youth exchanges offered by CVS-Bulgaria. We highlight the responsibilities our young participants take over as they decide to embark on one of our projects. In addition, training sessions provide the context for the Bulgarian team members and their leader to meet and bond. And this is how, in a few hours only, we manage to recreate the atmosphere of a real-life youth exchange.

At the end of each project CVS-Bulgaria evaluates its initiatives by collecting feedback from individuals as well as in groups. Different formats allow the participants to share all of their impressions, difficulties (if any) and recommendations. This feedback provides CVS-Bulgaria with valuable input on how to perfect itself in the selection of quality exchanges to offer.

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