Role of the Leader


As youth exchanges aim to attract participants between 16 and 25 years of age, with little international experience, each group has a trained leader. His/her role is to plan (together with the other team members) the trip, to enhance the team spirit and facilitate communication within the group as well as internationally. He or she works with the other leaders and the coordinator of the exchange to come up with the most efficient arrangement of the project and spare time activities; together they also take care to encourage and support team members who feel lacking in confidence or experience. The leader’s main task is to inspire and guide younger participants in their self-discovery.

The leader is the contact person for participants’ parents and organizers of the exchange. We strongly encourage parents to meet the group leader prior to the project, so that they know to whom they are entrusting their child. The leader signs a contract to confirm that he/she is aware of his/her responsibilities and ready to take charge.  For more information on leaders, please read the section on youth exchange leaders.

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