What happens before the Youth Exchange?


You will take part in a leader training either abroad or in Bulgaria and will have the opportunity to get to know and exchange ideas with other leaders. More info in the Training and Evaluation section.

What comes next is the Advanced Planning Visit (APV). As a leader you will attend the visit to the venue of the exchange and get to know the whole leaders group and the youth exchange coordinator. Normally, it takes place a month (and a half) before the actual youth exchange. The main goal for you will be to form a team with the other leaders, to discuss the programme and may be even contribute with some new input. During the APV tasks are divided and when you come back you are responsible to do it yourself or together with your national group depending on the situation.

You will take part in the training of the Bulgarian youngsters from your group and from other exchanges. Part of your responsibilities is to convey all the important info to the participants, so that they know where there are going and what they are doing. Meetings with youngsters’ parents are very important as well, so that they know you and thrust you their kid.

So, when all of this is done you together with your group and youth exchanges coordinator have to plan your trip to the venue of the exchange. The leader should take care of the trip and the logistics – of course delegating tasks is part of your job to support the individual development of the youngsters.

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