What type of training and evaluation will there be?


Normally CVS Bulgaria sends participants to at least one leader training per year abroad. These trainings are developed throughout a lot of years of cooperation and exchange of experience and knowledge among CVS and our partners. Moreover, we offer Bulgarian leaders to take part in regular meetings in our office where we exchange our experience, invite some guests with more experience and develop our leadership skills in a very informal environment. Taking part of at least one of the two forms of training we offer is obligatory in order to be a youth exchange leader with CVS Bulgaria.

As a leader you will be asked to fill in an evaluation form for the exchange once it’s over. You will also need to meet with the youth exchanges coordinator to discuss the exchange:  what was good, what was not as good, and what could’ve been better. At the end of the season when all of the exchanges are over we welcome all of our leaders to get together and evaluate once more their work and get some new ideas for next year. Together with our partners we organize an international evaluation meeting where leaders form different exchanges gather and discuss how to improve their projects. This national group of leaders chooses representatives to be sent to the international meeting.

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