Which costs are covered by the volunteer?


– Cost of transport to and from the site of the camp;
– Costs for all leisure activities and additional excursions;
– Cost of visa, if necessary – CVS – Bulgaria as well as the hosting organization, provide support to the volunteer for the visa application process;
– Administrative fee paid to CVS – Bulgaria as sending organization

When applying for a camp the volunteer pays a deposit of 40 BGN. It guarantees his/her commitment and willingness of the volunteer to participate in the camp, and is refundable after her/ his returning but not later than three months after the end of camp. The deposit is not refundable if the volunteer doesn’t show up at the camp through his/her fault or if he/she leaves the camp before the end.

If the volunteer is approved for participation in the camp, he/she pays an administrative fee to CVS – Bulgaria amounting to 80 BGN. In case of lack of payment of the administrative fee within one month before the camp, CVS – Bulgaria has the right to cancel the participation of the volunteer and to not refund his/her deposit. If the volunteer is not approved for any of the camps listed on the application CVS – Bulgaria refunds his/her deposit.

If the volunteer decides to apply for more than one camp, the second administrative fee is 70 BGN and for each additional – 60 BGN. Therefore the deposit shall be paid only for the first two camps and the amount of it is the same as the fee.

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