photo of volunteerBe a Workcamp Coordinator

Every volunteer workcamp has at least one coordinator, and sometimes even two. The coordinator is the person who makes the connection between the organisers and the colunteers before and after the workcamp. Usually the coordinator is a local volunteer, but it can sometimes be a foreigner who speaks the local language. He/she is a volunteer as the others when it comes to work, but he/she also has somewhat bigger duties and responsibilities, for example:

  • to keep in contact with the organisers even before the beginning of the workcamp regarding the working conditions, accommodation, free time, etc.;
  • to prepare the so called infosheet with detailed information about the workcamp and the conditions there, to be sent to the volunteers at least one month before the beginning of the workcamp;
  • to keep in contact with the volunteers even before the beginning of the workcamp, to organise their meeting and arrival to the workcamp;
  • to introduce the volunteers to the place of the workcamp, to be informed about the practicalities related to it;
  • to contribute to good group dynamics during the workcamp;
  • to help the organisers in dividing and organising the tasks;
  • to facilitate the communication between the volunteers and the organisers;
  • to ensure cooperative and peaceful atmosphere among the volunteers during the workcamp and to help solve potential conflicts;
  • to organise and carry out final evaluation of the workcamp with the volunteers and the organisers.

Read the facts about becoming a Workcamp Coordinator


In order to be able fulfil his/her duties the coordinator must:

  • be over 18 years of age;
  • have a good level of written and spoken English;
  • have experience as participant in a workcamp (it is highly recommended but not obligatory)
  • take part in the workcamp from the beginning until the end (if necessary, he/she must arrive a bit earlier and leave a bit later)
  • pass a training for coordinators – individually or in a group;
  • have good communication and organisational skills, be a good team worker, be open and tolerant towards different cultures.

Training and evaluation

All coordinators, especially the ones that take up this role for the first time, have to take part in a special training in Bulgaria or abroad, individually or in a group. Every year CVS-Bulgaria strives to organise a short training for workcamp coordinators, which covers topics such as the values and principles of volunteer workcamps, duties and responsibilities of the coordinators, their fears and expectations. On international level there are also such trainings and CVS-Bulgaria sends participants whenever this is possible.

After the end of the workcamp the coordinator organises and carries out an evaluation of the workcamp with the volunteers and the organisers. He/she also makes his/her own evaluation of the work done, the organisation during the workcamp, the group dynamics and all other aspects of the project. This evaluation is made in the form of a questionnaire but also in personal meetings with representatives of CVS-Bulgaria. The aim is to analyse what problems there were and what were the reasons in order to be able to improve the quality of the workcamps every year.


Like all other volunteers the coordinator is provided with free accommodation, food and medical insurance. He/she covers his/her expenses during the free time on a par with the other volunteers. The transport expenses related to preliminary visits and the workcamp itself are covered by CVS-Bulgaria.

Individual development as a workcamp coordinator

Workcamp coordinators have certain duties and responsibilities but they also get a lot out of this experience – both in terms of personal and professional development. What will you gain if you become a coordinator?

  1. You will develop important organisational and leadership skills, which will be useful to you in your professional career;
  2. You will learn to take responsibility and to work in a team;
  3. You will improve your communication skills in English;
  4. You will gain experience in working in an intercultural environment;
  5. You will get the possibility to go to one volunteer workcamp abroad without paying an administration fee to CVS-Bulgaria!