“Ready to Take Off” – Training for Youth Workers on Sustainable Global Mobility M.O.V.E.

Activity 1, 12.-19. September 2021, Nuremberg, Germany

The Project
International peace and volunteer work is rooted in face-to-face exchange of people from different regions and backgrounds. Regular trainings, seminars and volunteer camps, where youth workers and young people can exchange experiences and ideas, form the basis of this. The need for personal exchange comes along with a greater need for travel and transportation.
Currently, many of the travel distances are covered by air plane. This contributes massively to the climate crisis and to increasing social inequality. Besides, the restrictions imposed by COVID19 have forced us to take a more urgent look at alternative forms of mobility. Among all the challenges, this also offers an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned regarding mobility in international peace work during the pandemic.
Project M.O.V.E. makes mobility a peace issue and considers the acute need to raise awareness and to promote critical reflection of current mobility choices in international volunteer projects and peace activities. Its main objectives are:
– to enhance the knowledge, skills and competences of youth workers on the main topics,
– to equip them with tools to make their activities ecologically and socially more sustainable,
– and to create ideas and follow-up plans for innovative climate-friendly projects.

The project consists of four parts. This call for applications comprises the first two parts (Activity 1), the “Ready to Take Off” Training on Sustainable Global Mobility in Nuremberg from 12 -19 September 2021, and the “On the MOVE” Implementation Period.

During the training, participants from peace/volunteering organisations from 17 countries will get together to learn about the intersection of mobility, climate justice and peace work, and to create, share and spread tools and ideas for activism, education and structural change regarding the topic.
After the training, from September/October 2021 till February/March 2022, participants implement workshop ideas ‘On the MOVE’. They gather content and feedback for a toolkit on sustainable mobility and localise the topics discussed at the seminar – including running local or online workshops on travel guidelines. This process will be guided by the team of trainers.
Activity 2 of the project comprises the “Landing and Spreading” Seminar, which will take place in February/March 2022 in Vienna/Austria, and a Follow-up Period to finalise the project outputs and start implementing new project ideas. There will be a separate registration for Activity 2. Participants of Activity 1 will be accepted for the seminar with priority.
All activities will be held in English language.

The Venue
The training will take place in the youth house “Otto-Felix-Kanitz-Haus” in Nuremberg, Germany, well connected to public transport and close to a river.


  • Understand the link between (global) mobility, climate justice and international peace work
  • Empower and train active volunteers, camp coordinators and seminar facilitators to advocate for sustainable means of transportation and implement local actions with their sending organisation
  • Enhance networking capabilities, create and share tools and ideas for local activism and campaigning
  • Initiate structural change regarding mobility within SCI and partners


  • Local and global impacts of global mobility on resources, climate change and social justice
  • Structures behind global mobility (acceleration, economic growth, global inequalities)
  • Economic and political approaches to a sustainable global mobility and their critique
  • Personal involvement in global mobility
  • Peace work, mobility and its climate impacts
  • Approaches to a more climate-friendly peace work, lessons learnt from the pandemic
  • Ideas/inspirations for local workshops

– Inspiration for Mobility Toolkit – contents: NFE methods about global mobility, climate justice and peace, background knowledge to develop guidelines for sustainable projects, example for sustainable approaches in peace and youth work

– Concept and kick-off for research and On the MOVE Implementation Period.

We’re going to use a broad variety of non-formal education methods, such as world cafe, snowball discussions, research, silent exhibition, simulation games, theatre, visual harvesting, arts, energisers, role games, teambuilding games and more. There will also be projects visits to local initiatives.

Participants’ Profile
Everyone who comes to this seminar should…

  • ideally be an active member and be involved in the process and decision structures of their sending organisation;
  • have experience in international peace work;
  • allow time and ideas for both the training and the implementation phase;
  • ideally be willing to attend also (not mandatory, but recommended) and participate actively in the production of the outputs;
  • be committed to abstain from flying and travel to the events via overland route instead;
  • bring ideas for workshops;
  • have sufficient English language skills (spoken and written);
  • be committed to spreading their new skills and competences to their sending branches/organisation, e.g. via a workshop or a camp coordinator training.
    Please note that there will be opportunities to visit Nuremberg, but that this is not a “getting to know the city” project. On some days the training also foresees evening sessions.

Financial Conditions of Participation

  • Essential costs of the programme (including vegan food, accommodation, local transportation and training) will be covered by SCI-D. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
  • Reimbursement of international travel costs will be 100% up to the maximum amounts indicated in the rules of the Erasmus+ programme after the receipt of original documents (maximum travel reimbursement amounts: 10-99 km = 20 Euro, 100-499 km = 180 Euro, 500- 1999 km = 275 Euro, 2000-2999 km = 360 Euro).
  • Placement fees are charged according to the regulations of the national sending organisation.

Covid19 Regulation
Please be advised that due to the pandemic and related measures, there may be changes. We ask you not to book your trip before we have informed you that the training will take place at the planned location. We will let you know about this about four weeks before the training starts. For the protection of all participants on site, we will ask you to bring your own supply of FFP2 masks and a certificate of a negative Covid19 rapid test result no older than 48 hours (no exceptions). If the current situation in September forces us to do so, we will postpone this training and will inform you immediately. Upon confirmation, you are responsible to ensure that your trip complies with the latest recommendations of the health authorities regarding the spread of Covid19. For Germany, the regulations of the Ministry of Health apply.

Application & Deadline
Please send your application for the Ready to Take off Training and On the MOVE Implementation Period via this application form by 05. September 2021. After we accept your application, you will receive a detailed Infosheet.
Any questions? Don’t hesitate to write to Britta Lang-Azizi at britta.lang-azizi@sci-d.de
We are looking forward to your application 🙂
The Coordinating Team

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