Project HOWs


We are happy to share that CVS – Bulgaria has been part of the project “Project HOWs” under the framework of K2: Erasmus+ programme, carried out in partnership with organizations from 3 different countries – Baltic Regional Fund (Latvia), VSI “Inovatyvi karta” (Lithuania), Tudatos Ifjusagert Alapitvany (Hungary). The project was launched on 1.09.2020 and had a total duration of 25 months until 30.09.2022.

Driven by the ambition and desire to help young people acquire knowledge and practical skills on how to turn their ideas into completed successful projects and to increase their active citizenship and civic participation, together with our partners we prepared a diverse and rich project with various and innovative initiatives, which also included the creation of an interactive mobile platform with an educational and practical purpose as well a manual giving guidance to the most common problems and difficulties being faced during project implementation process.

The project involved directly more than 370 people and many more indirectly, including representatives of various non-governmental organizations/volunteers, etc.

We are glad to share the project outputs with you:

full Research reportlinksummary in Bulgarian, summary in English, full Research in english

Pocket booklink in English, link in Bulgarian

Interactive platformlink in English

Educational gamelink, cards in Bulgarian, rules in Bulgarian

A short video about the results, prepared by our colleagues from Lithuania.

Summary of the project and its materials

At the end of September 2022, we gathered at a Multipliers event where we shared more details about the project, as well as distributed the Pocket book and the Educational game to partners and colleagues.