Katerina is sharing memories from her first youth exchange in Slovenia in the summer of 2013. The youth exchange topic was cinema and human rights and within some days we will upload some of the videos created by the youngsters during the exchange.

The youth exchange in Slovenia was my first experience of that kind and I must say that there has been no moment I have been sorry for it – neither before nor after it. Everything was perfect from the first time I read about the project to the moment I was back in Sofia.

As, by coincidence, all of the participants in the Bulgarian group (except the leader) were going to such an event for the first time, our sending organisation was kind enough to get us prepared for what is coming and give us all the information we needed about the details for the project which definitely made us less anxious before the departure.


And about the youth exchange itself – it was g-r-e-a-t! Getting to know so many new people from so many different countries and, on top of all, the same age like us, is soo refreshing. You can see that no matter what cultural differences there may be, all young people are the same in some aspects – idealism, hope for better future, desire for change and last, but not least, unsettling desire for fun!

We had different workshops during our visit which taught us a lot about active citizenship and the basics of cinematography, but we had also lots of games which made us closer and gave us the opportunity to come to know each other better and perhaps in some depth. As Platon himself has said: “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in an year of conversation”.



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