Project start: September 1 2018

Project end: July 1 2019

Project summary:

The Municipality of Bremanger have short-term and long-term goals in our EVS project., so the background for our participation is

Short – term : Local youth feel that something is happening based on their interests and desires.

Long term: Contributes to the development of  local youth work and our local community.

Our main goal is to increase activity and well being for children, youth and young adults age 10 – 30 years old and vulnerable groups in our social.

We are a depopulation municipality and wish our children and young people experience quality and fun activity  in their childhood environment. With a positive experience of their childhood years, we hope they come back after end education.

Also the working area of the organization itself deals with the non-formal and informal education, in this way the volunteers will have the opportunity to try out different working and learning styles, that will help them to acquire essential competences and will contribute to their personal and professional development.

We expect our project to have a high impact on innovative activities, especially in our focus area  youth work and inclusion of youth . We expect our participant to develop their physical skills in new and challenging situation, as well as exercising important social skills such as teamwork and leadership. We also expect that the project will provide great learning, motivation and commitment to us employees.

In the long term this will affect our communities and our local cooperative partners. To increased activity and well-being measures for children and youth it will  do our youth work more visible in the community. It will hopefully lead to better cooperation in all local child and youth work and in our organization lead to better cooperation between the sections.

As a host municipality we are looking for 4 EVS participant (1 from Bulgaria) age 18 – 30 years. Interested in our focus area child and youth work.

This work involves activities such as:

Work in the local voluntary service, library, school, youth club . All activity where our local people are involved.

  • Development of intercultural activities in the Youth Clubs and for the surrounding community
  • Daily work with the youngsters in the Youth Centre/ EVS apartment – to promote a “Meaningfull Lesuretime”
  • To promote non-formal education with youngsters with special needs
  • To create or to search for innovative materials to use in the Youth Centre
  • To plan – implement – evaluate activities
  • Develop workshop with focus on inclusion\involvement of youth Active Bremanger

Specially, we value:

  • willing to integrate actively, in the project and the community
  • Personal motivation and positive spirit
  • Personal contribution to the project. With ideas and suggestions of activities and enriching the project
  • flexibility, willingness to work as part of a group
  • willingness to learn new things
  • interact with people, to be talkative and outgoing.

Application documents:

  • CV in english
  • Motivational letter in english

Deadline for applications: 24 June 2018

Contact: Please send your documents to Natalia at longterm@cvs-bg.org


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