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Country: Bulgaria
Code: BG-CVS 11.1
Start Date: 2012-06-30
End Date: 2012-07-14
Topic: 11: Others
Number of volunteers: 9
International age: 18 – 99
National age: 16 – 99
Extra Costs: 0.00

SAVA WG workcamp


Description: This traveling workcamp is a part of the promotional campaign for volunteering around the country.The project starts with a 5day training course where you will discuss the different aspects of volunteering and learn to set up workshops and other actions in order to promote volunteering among different target groups.Following this, you will be divided in 3 groups based on interest and ability to work together and each group will travel to three different partner organizations in different cities in Bulgaria.The last few days the group will gather again near Sofia to evaluate the experience.

Type of Work: To create and perform training units, workshops, exhibition, presentations, discussions, street actions, etc.

Study Theme: The work camp will focus on the different aspects of volunteering: Peace education activities, anti racism, refugees and ethnic minorities, environment, art, culture, socially disadvantage etc.

Accommodation: Seminar summer villa in the countryside, very simple accommodation during traveling

Language: English

Requirements: Interest in the promotion of volunteering and high motivation, readiness to share experiences from your own country, experience with non-formal education methods, imagination, good English speaking skills and readiness to travel a lot and adapt to new people & situations

Approximate Location: Sofia

Notes: There is an additional application form for this camp. To receive it please contact the placement officer at your sending organization

VM-TWC additional application form

Infoheet BG-CVS 11.1

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