Caritas Sofia is a partner organization of CVS Bulgaria in the field of working with refugees and migrants. Our close partnership has started a year ago and so far we have been working successfully together on The Refugee Project at the Integrational center for refugees in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are happy to present the great EVS opportunity Caritas Sofia has and encourage you to apply and spend a remarkable year in Bulgaria!!!

Contact person: Neda Velkova, Volunteer Coordinator

Organisation: Caritas Sofia

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Deadline for applying: 01/09/2012

Duration: 12 months (Feb 2013 – Feb 2014)


Project Site:

Caritas Sofia is looking for two long-term EVS volunteers for its daycare center for mothers in disadvantaged situation “Rojdestvo Hristovo”. The volunteer is supposed to start their service at the beginning of February or March 2013 and stay for a year.

The center was established some 12 years ago in order to financially and morally support women at risk. The priority group are women who raise their children on their own and the assistance provided to them is aimed at preventing the abandonment of their children in institutions. Besides them, there are mothers who have many childred, adoptive mothers, mothers lacking support because of domestic violence, mothers with sick children, mothers with mental and physical disabilities and girls who have grown up in orphanages.

The goal of the center is to empower women to cope on their own. It offers personalized social programs that deal with the specific problems of each individual. There are craft workshops where the women can work according to their interests. The workshops function as both work therapy and a source of some, albeit modest, additional income. The center also assists women in finding employment. It supports young women from institutions to transition into leading an independent life by providing temporary accommodation and work. The center works closely with the regional state administration, employment bureaus, and social services institutions.

Throughout the years the center has helped more than 300 mothers in need. More than 60 of them achieved and maintain a stable material and social status, 6 of them were hired as full-time employees at the center itself.

The center has 3 workshops – a ceramic, a textile, and a felt one, where the staff and the mothers work daily and make different dolls, ornaments, pottery, etc. to be sold at charity bazaars and for export. Here is a link to the website of the center: .


The volunteers will work closely with the staff and the other volunteers at the center. The staff is open to new suggestions and activities if the volunteers want to organize such.

A list of activities volunteers can do:

  • work in the workshops
  • spend time with the mothers at the center – keep them company, encourage and motivate them in their efforts and pursuits
  • up-keep (cleaning, cooking, gardening, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.
  • interview new mothers coming to the center
  • meet and visit beneficiaries at their homes if necessary
  • work with children who sometimes come to the center
  • organize an activity of their own with the mothers
  • maintenance of the web page of the center

Volunteer profile and recruitment process:

The staff at the center is very dedicated, friendly and hard-working. They care very very much about their little community and they want to host a volunteer who is responsible, punctual, and has the need to help people in vulnerable situations. The center has hosted a number of volunteers so far and they are looking for someone motivated and caring in order to create a positive, satisfactory, and mutually-beneficial relationship. The volunteer needs to know English at an intermediate level in order to be able to communicate with the staff at the center. Previous voluntary experience and curiosity towards new places and cultures are a plus.

Interested volunteers must send a CV, a motivation letter, and any questions they have to Neda Velkova: The deadline for applying is 1st Sept. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a Skype interview by the 10th Sept.

Additional information:

The volunteers will be enrolled in a Bulgarian language course

The plan is for the volunteers to share an apartment.

At least one meal a day is provided at the center (lunch).

The daycare center is not far from the Sofia city center by tram and the volunteers will get monthly passes for the public transport.

The volunteers will be able to socialize with Caritas volunteers who work on various other projects.


Website of the organization:








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