What it’s Like to Volunteer


Restless Bug


The story of Boriana Svetlichkova from her 5-month EVS in Austria

     The cards have been dealt out long time ago and you are not that kind of   people. You are not from the ones that knew already in kindergarten that they will be doctors, politicians, architects or mechanical engineers. The thing you are persistently chasing and trying to discover and then magically turn yourself into that new discovered you is just not what you are. Simply you don`t get to choose. more

I am the luckiest volunteer!photo of evs volunter

Meet a Hungarian EVS volunteer living and working in Bulgaria.

I can see the mountains from my window, I can feel the sunshine every day, I can hear a beautiful voice of the birds in the parks… I just simply like living here. more


Da, da, da, eto Kavkaz!

photo of a volunteer

Go on a trip to northern Caucasus.

…after all, anything can happen on the long way from Sochi, on the Black sea coast, to Teberda, a small town in the mountainous area of the Karachay people.  more

Working with Chechen asylum seekers in Poland

Work with young refugees in Poland.

…a very bright boy named Islam came to me with an empty notebook and asked me to write all the English words I know, so he can learn while I am gone…  more

photo of farewell card