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CVS – Bulgaria, together with our partners from Management of “Vratsa Balkan” Nature Reserve organizing international volunteer workcamp “Vratsa Balkan – We love environment and environment loves us.”

You could be one of the 15 volunteers!

You love mountains, nature and theme for the environmental is close to your heart? Physical work doesn’t scare you and you are not startled at the sight of a hammer and pliers? You would live 12 days with local people and have a desire to learn more about life there. Take part in our new workcamp “Vratsa Balkan Nature Park – We love environment and environment we love.”


The camp will take place between 17.09 to 28.09 in the heart of the Natural Park “Vratsa Balkan”, villige Ochindol. During the camp, volunteers will participate in the reconstruction and and building a tourist infrastructure in Natural Park Vratsa Balkan; Building a woodhous around a local cultural the monument; Creating a green path, railing and safety measures around the area; Making a promotional video about the place.

We will work with wood, cutting tools, nails and hammers and do some renovation work. It is expected hard physical work to be done for 6 hours a day.

There will be workshops and discussions on the following topics:

  • History of SCI International and Park Vratsa Balkan
  •  Peace education
  •  Recycling and sustainable living
  •  Intercultural understanding
  • Working in small international teams

Touching to the Vratsa, to the mountain and its people there is incomparable experience for all your senses!

Financial and practical conditions of participation:
All essential costs of the programme during the workcamp in Vratsa Balkan (including food, accommodation, and training) will be covered by CVS – Bulgaria.
The volunteers cover their travel expenses.

Details can be found in the link, if you’re interested contact us at projects@cvs-bg.org or fill the form in www.workcamps.info

The camp is organized by CVS – Bulgaria under the Operational Programme “Environment 2007-2013” with the assistance № DIR – 5113326-C-005, “Implementation of activities for planning and management of ” Vratsa Balkan ” Nature Reserve .

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